What is EPEAT?
EPEAT is a system for evaluating the environmental attributes of desktop computers, laptop computers, and computer monitors. It was developed with support from the U.S. EPA, is based on public technical standard ANSI IEEE 1680, and is managed by an independent non-profit organization. EPEAT rates products in three tiers of environmental performance Bronze, Silver and Gold - according to 51 total environmental criteria: 23 required criteria and 28 optional criteria. The criteria are identified in the document linked to below. In order for a manufacturer to register their product in EPEAT, the product must meet all the required criteria. Manufacturers may pick and choose among the optional criteria to boost their EPEAT "rating" to achieve a higher level as follows.
Meets all 23 required criteria
Meets all 23 required criteria plus at least 50% of the optional criteria
Meets all 23 required criteria plus at least 75% of the optional criteria
To view more EPEAT registered products at Buy.com, please visit www.buy.com/epeat. For a more detailed summary of EPEAT's environmental criteria, please read the Summary of EPEAT Criteria. To learn more about EPEAT, to see the registry of all EPEAT registered products, and to search a detailed database of the environmental attributes of all EPEAT registered products please visit www.epeat.net.
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