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Luxor Outlet
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4 stars (3 ratings)
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5 out of 5''No complaints. I ordered. I got it. Done.''
Date: 2/4/2014     ListingID: 283904696
5 out of 5''Everything they said it would be. Like the likes that tells you that the USB is connected.''
Date: 1/20/2014     ListingID: 307737883
2 out of 5''I received my BBQ Grill Light in the original packaging box, which was mangled and had holes in it! Thankfully the light was ok! I suggest maybe next time putting items in an additional box. Thank you. Tiffiny Asbell Concerned Customer''
Date: 12/6/2013     ListingID: 286434164
5 out of 5''Arrived in good condition; exactly what I ordered; in the expected shipping timeframe''
Date: 9/27/2013     ListingID: 286434164
4 out of 5''Good price. Fast, free shipping , arrived within days. Slightly damaged shipping container, not affecting product.''
Date: 7/25/2013     ListingID: 286434164
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Buyers should receive Marketplace items in the condition that they were listed. We ask buyers to first contact the seller to give them a chance to address any issues. If the seller does not respond or if the issue is not addressed to the customer's satisfaction buyers can rely on our Marketplace Guarantee Claim which, covers the first $750 of every more
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Standard Shipping: 3 to 9 business days
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If you have any questions regarding your Marketplace shipment we ask that you contact the seller directly. The seller's contact information can be found in the order detail located in your My Account or in the email we send to you confirming the purchase of this more
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