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5 out of 5''Fast shipping''
Date: 7/26/2013     ListingID: 127096423
5 out of 5''Just what I was looking for, easy to put together. exactly as advertised.''
Date: 7/22/2013     ListingID: 127096408
1 out of 5''I ordered the cat box from this website/seller and they shipped it to a entirely different state, than what was listed in my shipping address. I'm still awaiting a resolution to this issue/problem.''
Date: 1/8/2013     ListingID: 127096408
5 out of 5''GREAT!''
Date: 6/15/2012     ListingID: 127096423

Seller Description
As cat owners, we love our cats, but were frustrated with the problems that many other cat owners face: an unsightly litter box, odor, and litter being tracked through the house. As many do, we tried many different products to try to hide our litter box and keep our cats from tracking litter throughout the house. Initially, we created a Designer Catbox as a solution to our own problems. We were so relieved to have the litter box contained in what looked like a beautiful piece of furniture and litter was not tracked throughout the house anymore. When we have guests over, they are amazed that this beautiful chest is actually holding the litter box. Most importantly, our cats love it. They love to have their privacy when they are using the litter box and they love to sit or sleep on the top.

After many of our friends asked us about getting their own Designer Catbox, we decided to make them available to all cat owners. Our Designer Catbox has made our lives much easier. We love this product and we hope that you and your cats will too.
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Designer Pet Products aims to produce high-quality products. Your product comes with a 30-day warranty from the date of your purchase covering against manufacturing defects. If you encounter a manufacturing defect, please contact us.

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