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5 out of 5''excellent, enjoying this device. ''
Date: 12/31/2013     ListingID: 261559846
4 out of 5''I appreciate your follow-up and correction of our order.''
Date: 1/24/2013     ListingID: 255537236
2 out of 5''Timing of cancellation is too late. Needed these products on a particular date and with shipping time and a couple extra days I expected the product, but that did not happen. Also no reason why it was cancelled.''
Date: 12/15/2012     ListingID: 146601212
5 out of 5''this BT earphone works very well - microphone quality is very good.''
Date: 11/7/2012     ListingID: 151353562
1 out of 5''I'm very disappointed I have a lot of trouble with people been able to here me when im using the blootooth, not happy at allwith this purchase!!!!''
Date: 9/19/2012     ListingID: 146601208
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