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Fugitive Toys
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1 out of 5''you suck how do you just cancel an order''
Date: 8/10/2015     ListingID: 330722809
1 out of 5''you suck how do you just cancel an order''
Date: 8/10/2015     ListingID: 330722915
1 out of 5''My order was cancelled for no apparent reason. If you don't have the product, don't advertise it. The ad is still up.''
Date: 2/24/2015     ListingID: 330722804
1 out of 5''I have placed 3 orders with them. I never receive an email stating why my orders have been cancelled. All 3 orders were cancelled. ''
Date: 2/20/2015     ListingID: 330722803
5 out of 5''Smooth and easy''
Date: 1/29/2015     ListingID: 330722650
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Seller Description
Fugitive Toys: Thank you for shopping with us!

Based in Sunny California, we carry a variety of hot new toys, hard to find toys and collectibles. Our goal is to make sure YOU are satisfied with all your orders. We've built our reputation through the years with outstanding customer service and will continue to do so.

Items are always in stock and shipped out very quickly (typically the next business day). We do not delay in shipping! You order it and we'll ship it ASAP! It really is that simple.

We continue to strive for excellence and put customers #1. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to email us.

Once again, we thank you for your business!
Marketplace Guarantee Claim
Buyers should receive Marketplace items in the condition that they were listed. We ask buyers to first contact the seller to give them a chance to address any issues. If the seller does not respond or if the issue is not addressed to the customer's satisfaction buyers can rely on our Rakuten.com Marketplace Guarantee Claim which, covers the first $750 of every purchase...read more
Returns Policy
30 day return policy: Products must be returned in their ORIGINAL BRAND NEW condition. Prior to shipment, we carefully inspect all products for quality. Returned products w/ missing pieces will not be refunded and resent back to you at your expense. Please contact us if you need to return ...read more
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When you order a Marketplace item, sellers ship items within two business days of the completed order. Shipping times for Marketplace items are as follows:
Standard Shipping: 3 to 9 business days
Expedited Shipping: 2 to 6 business days
If you have any questions regarding your Marketplace shipment we ask that you contact the seller directly. The seller's contact information can be found in the order detail located in your My Account or in the email we send to you confirming the purchase of this order...read more
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California state residents are subject to sales tax.
Customer Service
Email: hello@fugitive-toys.com
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