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Half Time
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5 out of 5''Got it delivered pretty quickly, and the item looks brand new. All good, so far.''
Date: 8/25/2014     ListingID: 336673644
5 out of 5''My shopping experience was quick and easy.''
Date: 5/7/2014     ListingID: 337295770
5 out of 5''Good seller with fast shipping, thanks.''
Date: 5/5/2014     ListingID: 336291971
5 out of 5''I received my item way faster than I expected. Great service!''
Date: 4/24/2014     ListingID: 335748110
4 out of 5''The shipment is quick. No issue so far.''
Date: 4/22/2014     ListingID: 335748110
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Seller Description
<p>Half time is a leading retailer and wholesaler of consumer merchandise.</p> <p>Our top-quality distribution centers and unrivaled pricing make us one of the world&rsquo;s leading sources of wholesale and retail merchandise.</p> <p>We have built and continue to maintain relationships with multiple manufacturers, large-scale retail chains and global dealers, allowing us to offer exceptional pricing to our customers.</p> <p><br> </p>
Marketplace Guarantee Claim
Buyers should receive Marketplace items in the condition that they were listed. We ask buyers to first contact the seller to give them a chance to address any issues. If the seller does not respond or if the issue is not addressed to the customer's satisfaction buyers can rely on our Rakuten.com Marketplace Guarantee Claim which, covers the first $750 of every purchase...read more
Returns Policy
<p>If we shipped and sold your item, then you can return those items to us within thirty (30) days of the ship date. This policy does not apply if a different return policy is stated on the item's listing information.</p> <br> To return an item to us, you will only need the ...read more
Shipping Info
We do not currently ship to PO Boxes, APO Boxes, or FPO Boxes. We use a variety of shippers, some of whom do not allow delivery to PO Boxes. To prevent the need to cancel your order after it has been placed, we do not allow orders to ship to any PO Boxes for any orders. Additionally, there are ce ...read more
Tax Policy
You agree that you as buyer and we as seller are responsible for determining the amount of sales, use or other taxes that you may owe as a result of your Marketplace purchase. You also agree that as seller we are responsible to collect, to report and to remit any sales, use or other taxes as may be ...read more
Customer Service
Information about how to contact us can be found in the Order History for your Rakuten.com Account. You can find out how to access your Order History at https://secure.rakuten.com/AC/MyAccount.aspx. Once you have accessed your Order History, then please locate your specific order that you wish to ...read more
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