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Rosewill Inc.
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5 out of 5''Exactly what I expected.''
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5 out of 5''Fast shipping.....Nice''
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5 out of 5''Received order promptly without issue.''
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Seller Description
Who is Rosewill? Rosewill is a leading brand in computer hardware and peripherals, and well recognized in the industry with high quality and reliability proven by millions of loyal customers and fans. Founded in 2004, in Los Angeles, California, Rosewill grows the business very aggressively and even earns double digit growth during the hard economic times. With emphasize in quality products, Rosewill now offers products in many different categories such as information technology, consumer electronics, office supply and home improvement. If you are a Rosewill reseller, you get the comfort of knowing that we at Rosewill value the success of our business partners. Rosewill was introduced to the ( marketplace in 2012 featuring over 1000 different items. Rosewill product has received outstanding reviews from reviewers such as Tom’s Hardware, Maximum PC, Legit Reviews and JonnyGURU. Not long ago we had an idea bring quality hardware and affordable prices together. From that idea Rosewill was born. Formed from a top team of hardware professionals, Rosewill is dedicated to our mission to compete and win on price, quality, and service. We work only with the best partners - businesses we know and businesses we trust. Rosewill’s Mission Our vision is to become the leading brand in computer hardware and peripherals. We aim to achieve this goal by creating superior customer satisfaction. We view our customers as our most important assets. Through our integrity, our innovative products, and our excellent customer service, we aim to create lasting customer relationships.
Marketplace Guarantee Claim
Buyers should receive Marketplace items in the condition that they were listed. We ask buyers to first contact the seller to give them a chance to address any issues. If the seller does not respond or if the issue is not addressed to the customer's satisfaction buyers can rely on our Marketplace Guarantee Claim which, covers the first $750 of every more
Returns Policy
Returns Return Policy All products within a 30-day period from the date of purchase by the end-user may be credited, replaced or repaired. All products purchased within a one-year period may be returned for repair (except for some products that have longer warranty period). Exceptions may be note more
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When you order a Marketplace item, sellers ship items within two business days of the completed order. Shipping times for Marketplace items are as follows:
Standard Shipping: 3 to 9 business days
Expedited Shipping: 2 to 6 business days
If you have any questions regarding your Marketplace shipment we ask that you contact the seller directly. The seller's contact information can be found in the order detail located in your My Account or in the email we send to you confirming the purchase of this more
Tax Policy
California, Tennessee and New Jersey state residents are subject to sales tax.
Customer Service
Customer Satisfaction We believe that excellence is a standard. Our customers deserve nothing less than the best. By purchasing a Rosewill product you are choosing exceptional value, unrivaled customer service and top quality hardware. If you are a Rosewill reseller, you can have the comfort of kno more
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