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LaCie combines design and technology to produce solutions for every day Mac and/or PC users and creative professionals that go above and beyond your average expectations. Whether you want a tough drive to take on the road or a robust network server, we've got the products you need. We also provide innovative flash drive, high end monitors and accessories for every persons lifestyle. Our products are professionally built and come with world-class technical support and warranties. You can be confident that with LaCie, you have reliable, easy-to-use products that look sleek and sophisticated.


Desktop Hard Drives
To help you efficiently manage your data, LaCie offers a full line of desktop devices with impressive speed, power and reliability. Ensuring that there is no compromise between capacity, data transfer rates and access rates, these desktop solutions are built with high-performance in mind. more info


Mobile Hard Drives
Work or play on your computer anywhere with LaCie’s complete array of mobile solutions – whether at home, at the office, at a coffee shop or on the road. Our highly portable designs are ultra-lightweight, compact and durable. more info


Network Hard Drives
The easy-to-use, portable LaCie Ethernet Disk mini can be plugged in to your network to instantly share documents, slideshows and photos, or connected to your computer through USB for use as a personal storage more info


Get a tremendous amount of capacity, high-speed performance and data security with LaCie’s RAID products. These drives are designed for professionals who require an easy, affordable, user-controlled solution. more info


Network & Raid Spare Drives
LaCie offers spare disks as a convenient option to further protect your data. Because they are hot-swappable, you can immediately replace your failed disk in case of a problem and a secured RAID mode will automatically rebuild, without any downtime in your workflow. more info


Multimedia Hard Drives
Easily turn your TV into an entertainment center for enjoying your movies, photos and music in comfort. Simply connect the LaCinema Premier to your PC or Mac via USB to transfer your digital media files; then plug it into your TV for instant playback. more info


USB Keys
The size of a mere credit card, the easy-to-use LaCie USB Key is our smallest storage device ever yet it offers impressive capacity. With a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection, this plug & play drive can be used anywhere without the need for a power-supply or drivers. more info


You want to record a DVD of your epic masterpiece, or a quick collection of your favorite songs on CD. Whatever your burning needs might be LaCie has an optical drive for you. Coupled with user-friendly software and quick connectivity, LaCie optical drives are your complete more info


LaCie's high-end monitors were designed with the requirements of the graphics professional in mind. If you're looking to acquire an LCD monitor without compromising quality, LaCie has the solution for you. more info


LaCie Add-Ons are an excellent way to quickly add value to your system. Protect your system by adding PCI or PC cards or add media flexibility with a Media Reader. LaCie has the tools to help you complete your system. more info