Cavalry Storage, Inc. offers a high-performance product lineup ranging from traditional External Desktop Hard Drives, Portable Hard Drives and Internal Hard Drives to powerful RAID and NAS Disk Arrays. Cavalry products are manufactured in the United States from the highest grade materials, but are sold at incredibly reasonable prices. The growing brand's great customer service and technical support sweeten the deal even further, making a Cavalry Storage external drive or disk array an unbeatable value proposition.

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External Desktop Hard Drives
There are a myriad of 3.5” external hard drives on the market and the Cavalry product experts are familiar with all of them. However, this one is exciting, what turned their heads was its remarkable set of features. more info


External Portable Hard Drives
The Cavalry Storage portable external hard drive is a great choice for people on-the–go and excellent for home, office use as well. more info


Cavalry Personal Disk Array/RAID storage solutions offer the best value and high performance in all different RAID setups. Never worry when one drive fails, data stays intact with Raid storage. more info


Internal Hard Drives
Cavalry Storage packed together these extremely valuable kits for all type of applications without sacrificing performance and reliability. more info


With the price of NAS appliances plummeting in recent years, Cavalry Storage is proud to offer flexible network-based storage to the home/SOHO consumer market for little more than the cost of a regular USB or FireWire external hard disk. more info


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