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View Details for: i.Sound 12-in-1 Accessory Kit for iPod Shuffle (2G, 2nd generation)
Accessorize your iPod Shuffle with this 12 in 1 Accessory Kit. It includes a high quality Earbuds for improve, clean and true stereo sound. Also includes two accessories to aide you on your work out, the Sport Arm Band and Sport Wrist Band, both made out of high quality neoprene and velcro closure that makes it perfect for any size arm or wrist. For functionality the kit includes a USB Keychain charger that workds with any powered USB port so you wont have to worry about your iPod Shuffle running out of power, a Audio Splitter that allows you to share your music with a friend using a standard headphone jack and a compact Clip Organizer so you can wrap your headphone cord and go, never worry about tangled headphone wires again! For protection the kit provides 4 Silicone cases in variety of color, black, white, pink and blue, a Sport Case made of protective neoprene that can be used alone or with the Sport Arm Band and Wrist Band, a Crystal Case to prevent it from scratches.

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