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Nokia Booklet Mini Laptop

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Stay connected all day long with the Nokia Booklet 3G - a high-performance mini laptop that makes a big impression. Keep your mini laptop running for up to 12 hours as you travel from place to place. The ultrathin 2 cm body fits comfortably in one hand, and you can get online from virtually anywhere with built-in 3G and Wi-Fi. The Nokia Booklet 3G is beautifully constructed with its 10.1” HD-ready display, highly durable aluminum body, and premium gloss finish.

Indulge in design at its finest, with the sleek aluminium body and premium gloss finish.
Travel from place to place with confidence – the highly durable body is constructed from a single piece of aluminium that’s built to last.
Hold this ultrathin and compact mini laptop comfortably in one hand – it measures less than 2 cm in thickness.
See everything more clearly on the HD-ready 10.1” glass display with an integrated anti-glare foil for optimal visibility.

Discover what Windows 7 has to offer with thousands of features designed to make everyday computing faster, simpler, and easier.
Keep all your work files and personal media stored on the 120 GB internal memory.
Use your mini laptop for up to 12 hours straight after only one charge.
Enjoy the peace and quiet: the fanless design gives off minimal background noise.
Get the latest software and application updates automatically.

Experience the internet at high speed from virtually anywhere via a quick and reliable 3.5G or Wi-Fi connection.
Access the best the web has to offer with the new and improved Internet Explorer 8 - one of the fastest, safest, and easiest browsers around.

Send and receive SMSs with a dedicated mini application that sits directly on your desktop.
Explore your surroundings with the built-in Assisted-GPS receiver.

Get online from virtually anywhere via a fast and reliable 3G connection.
Browse the internet via a high-speed Wi-Fi connection whenever you come across an available hotspot. See your exact position and explore new places on the map quickly and easily with the built-in GPS receiver.
Connect wirelessly to cameras, mobile phones, stereo headsets, speakers and other devices via a Bluetooth connection.

Get real-time notifications from social networks and exchange SMSs on your desktop with the Social Hub.
Create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with a 60-day free trial of MS Office 2010.
Listen to your favourite tracks, create playlists, and import music from your personal collection with the Nokia Music Player.
Sync your music, photos, calendar, and contacts - your compatible Nokia device works seamlessly with your mini laptop via the Ovi Suite.

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Nokia Booklet Mini Laptop
Stay connected all day long with the Nokia Booklet 3G - a high-performance mini laptop that makes a big impression. Keep your mini laptop running for up to 12 hours as you travel from place to place. ...
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Panasonic Ultra HD 152" Plasma HDTV

Panasonic Develops World's Largest 152-Inch Full HD 3D Plasma Display. The ultra-large, 4K x 2K quadruple full HD plasma panel creates a true full HD 3D world, ...

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