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View Details for: Otterbox Defender RBB2-8500s-20 SmartPhone Skin - Smartphone - Black - Silicone
The OtterBox Defender Series Case for the Blackberry Curve 8500 Series is part of Otterbox's most protective and rugged smartphone case series. With an innovative three layer design, the Defender Series fully encloses your device while preserving its distinct qualities. Layer one is a thermal formed protective clear membrane which protects the keypad against scratching and protects against dust intrusion, this layer is for optional use, depending on the level of ruggedization you desire. Layer two is a high-impact polycarbonate shell for an added guard against drops and shocks and its third and final layer is a high quality silicone skin to absorb bumps and shocks as well. Vents and silicone plugs cover ports and speakers to protect from dust and dirt and all buttons and functions remain fully accessible right through the case. A ratcheting belt clip holster is included with each case. The Defender Series withstands rough treatment while keeping your device pristine.

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