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View Details for: System Mechanic Premium up to 3 Users
Tune-up Definitions: System Mechanic 9 is now powered by a database of nearly 10,000 independent, exclusive and industry-first Tune-up Definitions, which instruct the product on how to diagnose and resolve newly discovered PC performance issues. Desktop Health Status Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista provides a real-time, at-a-glance report of system health, security, and overall status. Incinerator: Military-grade Incinerator technology is now integrated into the Windows Recycle Bin, providing both standard file deletion, as well as a Department of Defense 5220-22M compliant file shredding. EnergyBooster: Gives PCs an instant speed boost by temporarily turning off non-essential background programs and then defragmenting and optimizing system memory. Total Registry Revitalizer: Powerful all-in-one tool resolves Windows problems and improves performance by providing the most effective registry maintenance available: fix, clean, defragment, compact, and back up this critical Windows component in one seamless process. Privacy Cleaner: Defends personal privacy by eliminating the tracks left behind computers are used. New version 9 now allows military-grade incineration of history logs, and adds dozens of new programs to the secure cleanup list including all major web browers and chat clients.

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