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View Details for: MEElectronics M21 In-Ear Headphone - Lavender
Available in four fun colors, the MEElectronics M21 earphone offers not only a vibrant flair for style, but also, a commitment to providing clear and detailed sound signature. The colorful housing is small enough to wear comfortably for long hours. The M21 in-ear headphone offers four distinctive bold colors to break the mold of monotony. The creative concoction of colors is an added bonus to what is a solid earphone for music lovers. Inspired by celebratory confetti, the two-tone metal housing provides a sound signature that is full range and fun. Perfect for today's pop music and electronics, while bringing excitement to other genres. Like candy, these earphones are sweet with a bite of character to match. Choose between four prismatic color options of candy apple red, cotton candy lavender, candy cobalt blue, and the always reliable licorice black. Of course, as a new addition to MEElectronics' Original M Series, the M21 does not sacrifice great sound, comfort or looks for affordability.

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