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View Details for: ZyXEL NSA221 2-bay Network Attached Storage and Media Server
Click and Play Intuitively, Make Your Media Alive Centralized media server for multimedia streaming The ZyXEL NSA221, DLNA 1.5-certified 2-Bay Media Server, supports multiple server technologies for multimedia sharing. Acting as an iTunes server, SqueezeCenter, personal blog and photo album server for PCs, laptops and SqueezeBoxes, the NSA221 can make it easy to stream and share music and photos. Through an enhanced online "Package" management, advanced users can easily choose their preferred applications online. The selected application software will be automatically downloaded from the ZyXEL website and install. It can save your storage capacity for applications you require and offer you the real-time application software support per your needs. Intuitive user interface integrated with media player With the user-friendly installation wizard, it's easy and simple to manage and backup media files. Through an intuitive user interface integrated with the media player, you can play music and photo slide shows directly from NSA221. The NSA221 also allows you to create a music playlist and play it on the background for photo slide shows. A newly designed alphabetical search bar provides you a more convenient way to search files within thousands of songs, photos and videos stored in the NSA221. zPilot™ for media auto-classification with easy drag-and-drop The zPilot™ file auto-classification function of NSA221 enables you to easily store and manage media files through simple drag-and-drop operations. With the zPilot™ software installed through the NAS Starter Utility, you can drag one or more files/folders to the zPilot™ icon on the desktop, and the files/folders will be identified and delivered automatically to music, photo, video or other designated folders on NSA221; users can also easily check the upload status of data transmission. Online auto-upgrade firmware service for quick feature enhancements Through the online auto-upgrade firmware service, you can immediately download the latest firmware from the ZyXEL Web site to your NSA221 for on-the-fly feature enhancements. To save even more power, the NSA221's platform allows you to continuously download/upload files without powering on your PC. BitTorrent/eMule/HTTP/FTP With the link capture support, the files can be downloaded even when the PC is off. This is particularly useful for large and lengthy downloads that draw enormous PC power and drain system resources. The NSA221 enables you to establish your FTP server and manage the access authorization for it. The auto-upload function can automatically upload files stored on the NSA to FTP servers; it's a very efficient way to update multiple FTP servers simultaneously and share files with friends and family. RSS After you subscribe to RSS feeds and add the links to NSA221, the built-in RSS client enables the NSA221 to automatically download the latest digital contents, such as TV programs and Podcasts. With RSS server support, NSA221 makes it easy for you to share the files with your friends by subscribing to the RSS feeds you set. Flickr/YouTube The NSA221 supports auto-upload to photo/video sharing websites as flickr and YouTube. With simple setup steps, newly updated photos and videos stored in the NSA221 can be automatically uploaded to flickr and YouTube. All-in-one backup solution to protect valuable user data The NSA221 provides a complete set of backup solutions for home and SOHO users. With the intelligent "Copy/Sync" button, the NSA221 makes it even easier to copy to or from external USB storage devices, card readers and digital cameras. In addition, the "Backup Planner" provides you with instant and scheduled backup services from the NSA221 to other ZyXEL or external USB mass storages. Using the simple setup steps, you can easily plan backup schedule according to personal needs. Furthermore, the advanced functions such as data compression and synchronization also optimize the bandwidth and time for data backup processes with better performance. Green media server for energy saving To save on electric bills and provide better environmental protection, the NSA221 consumes less power without compromising performance. Compared to traditional PC storage which normally consumes 200 Watts, the NSA221 consumes 80% less power.

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