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View Details for: Elgato High Definition Video Recorder for Component Video - Functions: Video Recording, TV Tuning, Video Editing, Video Compression, HDTV Tuning, Video Capturing
The Elgato EyeTV HD is a compact little box with a full-featured DVR that connects your Mac directly to your digital cable or satellite receiver. It allows you to watch, record, and edit all of your standard- and high-definition premium content in pristine H.264 format on your Mac, using Elgato's award winning EyeTV 3 software. Everything you need to get started immediately is included in the box. Simply connect the EyeTV HD to the outputs of your cable or satellite receiver. Then connect the EyeTV HD to your Mac via USB, which also powers the EyeTV HD. Finally, connect the infrared channel changer cable to the EyeTV HD and position it where it can communicate with your receiver's remote control sensor. Now you're ready to browse, record, organize and enjoy your favorite TV programs on your computer. But there's more. EyeTV's unique dual-format capture mode can record in iPad and iPhone formats at the same time. This enables super-fast exports to iTunes. From here you can transfer your recordings to mobile devices and watch wherever you go.

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