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View Details for: Azend Company AcoustaBar eHT 250W Sound Bar System
Bring live multi-channel surround sound enjoyment from a single sound bar! Make all the movies on your flat screen LCD TV come alive with room-filling sound. This sleek sound bar connects in seconds to your TV using simple connections. We all know beyond a shadow of doubt that big flat screen TVs have tiny built-in speakers that deliver poor sound quality. If you want to add fuller, more dynamic sound to your TV without the clutter of a conventional surround sound system, this economical sound bar is right for you. This all-in-One 10-speaker acoustic system provides truly embracing multi-channel surround sound, requires minimal space and wiring, and offers an easy way to get better sound from your TV shows, movies, and video games Multiple drive units are equally spaced, keeping your ears from discerning where the actual sound source is. This makes the sound seem to come from all around you. Unlike conventional 5.1 systems, this sound bar delivers surround sound regardless of how close or how far away you sit.

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