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View Details for: D-Link DIR-857 HD Media Router 3000
The HD Media Router 3000 combines industry-leading data transfer rates of up to 900 Mbps1 with HD Fuel technology to prioritize bandwidth for maximum performance of not only your favorite digital entertainment devices, but all your devices, all at once. The result: incredibly crisp, uninterrupted 1080p HD video streams, seamless, and lag-free online gaming. Give your Digital Entertainment the Bandwidth it Deserves. Give it HD Fuel Build a wireless home network capable of delivering the bandwidth to handle 1080p HD video streams, large media file downloads, and online gaming to multiple devices, simultaneously. And do it all completely uninterrupted and free of annoying glitches or lags common to ‘standard’ routers. The HD Media Router 3000 is dual-band and delivers up to 900Mbps, which means data transfers occur on two separate 450 Mbps ‘channels.’ With HD Fuel to automatically manage traffic flow, the HD Media Router 3000 is able to direct all your entertainment traffic (Netflix, Vudu, XBox 360) to one channel, and all your ‘general purpose’ bandwidth usage to another - web surfing, Skype, downloads, iPads, iPhones, network security cameras, media servers, and more. With HD Fuel you can even manually prioritize bandwidth by both application and device. HD Fuel is the ultimate traffic management system and best way to stay in complete command of your digital entertainment. Dual Band = Unlimited Connectivity for all your Devices Dual-band wireless means you get two N450 frequency (2.4HGHz and 5GHz) channels of bandwidth operating simultaneously, with each frequency transferring up to 450 Mbps. Power your iPad®, iPhones®, security cameras, multiple laptops and all your favorite wireless devices on one 450 Mbps channel, and run your high definition audio and video digital entertainment center and gaming systems on the other. Gigabit Ethernet Ports =Unlimited Home Networking The HD Media Router 3000 also offers Gigabit Ethernet ports to ensure that up to four (4) of your favorite Ethernet-enabled devices get the most out of their wired connection. HDTVs, the Boxee Box by D-Link, xBox 360, Blu-Ray Players – connect them all, all at once. The HD Media Router 3000 organizes and manages your traffic flow and gets the most out of your broadband connection for seamless 1080p HD video streams and online gaming without annoying glitches or lags. Connect to Absolutely Anything – All-at-Once HDTVs, the Boxee Box by D-Link, Blu-Ray Players, Playstation 3 – the HD Media Router 3000 has been engineered to not only deliver seamless connectivity to your favorite Ethernet-enabled devices, but ANY device. Connect printers, NAS servers - even security cameras - SharePort Plus USB 3.0 lets you connect to and stream from any USB device. We’ve included an SD card slot for uploading HD media files like video and photos and with DLNA standard, the HD Media Router can connect to any device, automatically. Advanced Home Networking Simple Setup High-performance entertainment devices. Wireless signals anywhere in your home. Multiple laptops. Network storage systems. iPads, iPhones – It used to be that designing a home network capable of handling so many devices required some serious hardware and some seriously messy installation. Not with Amplifi - the HD Media Router 3000 has not only been engineered with the power to handle all of your digital demands, but with the smarts to put it at the tip of your fingers. HD Media Routers offer Wireless G backwards compatibility and Wi-PnP technology for simple wireless connections through a USB drive. With DLNA, the HD Media Router 3000 not only connects to any Ethernet-equipped device, but virtually any device, automatically. With push-button connectivity and 128-bit security encryption standard, a secure home network is as simple as plug and play. 128-bit Security Encryption The HD Media Router 3000 protects your network with 128-bit AES data security encryption – the same technology used in E-commerce or online banking. Create your own network name and password or put it at the tip of your fingers with ‘Push Button Security’ standard on every Amplifi device. With hassle-free plug and play installation, and advanced Wi-Fi protected setup, the HD Media Router 3000 is not only one of the fastest routers available, its also one of the safest. Get Ready for the Future - IPv6 Equipped With the growing number of Internet-enabled applications requiring IP addresses, the supply of IP addresses under the current Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) system has already been exhausted. The IPv6 protocol solves this network addressing exhaustion by creating more IP addresses, but migration from IPv4 to IPv6 is not necessarily automatic. No worries - This D-Link product is IPv6 Certified and ready for the future. IPv6 allows for intelligent self-detect and router setup.

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