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View Details for: Pogoplug Office Secure Private Cloud SolutionPogoplug Office Secure Private Cloud Solution with 5 User Licenses
Secure Private Cloud Solution for Small Business Access your content for your mobile phone or through the Web no matter where you are. Securely manage documents online with your team and turn any folder into a shared workspace for collaboration. Share massive files and folders, instantly No file size restrictions or storage limits 5 user licenses included Provision up to 4 additional users with their own accounts and storage Access your files from any supported Web browser or mobile device Keep up with everything you need to know, no matter how mobile you are Collaborate on team projects Turn any folder into a shared workspace to collaborate with colleagues or clients How It Works External Hard Drive Attach an external hard drive, SD card and/or SATA/USM drive. Pogoplug Office Attach Pogoplug Office to your router to host your own cloud. Mobile Automatically upload photos, videos and more from your smartphone to your cloud. Computer Access all your files from your home or office computer, wherever you are.

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