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View Details for: Sungale Cloud TV Box-Turn Your Television into a Smart TV
Watch TV. Hundreds of TV programs from popular channels such as CNN, CBS, CBN, ABC, FOX, PBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, and more are available in brilliant1080p or 720p high definition. The programs are updated daily in VOD mode for your convenience. Enjoy Movies. Famous video content providers such as YouTube, Netflix, Veoh, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Break are preloaded for you to enjoy high definition movies and video programs in 1080p or 720p. Hundreds of video sources are in a backup list for users to install. Cloud TV Box also allows you to add your own favorite video websites. Surf Internet. With the convenience of a browser, you can surf the internet together with your family for a more enjoyable experience than surfing on your computer. Link To Social Media. The Cloud TV Box allows users to link to their favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype and more. Access Emails. The Cloud TV Box can be used to receive, compile and send your emails together with the family. Play Games. Play a lot more than just Angry Birds. Download and play from a large assortment of available games. The Cloud TV Box has also provided an independent Game Folder for you to file and organize your favorite game apps. Learn From Education Apps. The Cloud TV Box allows users to download and play a variety of educational apps for parents to learn and enjoy education programs with their kids together. An independent icon was designed to put on the home page for the users to file and organize their educational apps. Process Word, Excel, Power Point. You can even use Cloud TV Box to process your documents. Download Apps. The Cloud TV Box allows you to go to Android Play Store to download and install apps. Listen To 10K+ Radio Stations. You may feel tired when you have watched TV too long time, then, you can easily find your favorite local radio stations or your native country’s stations on your Cloud TV Box, then, stand up to walk around while listen the radio broadcasting. More: Function Area Partitions on Screen. Too many functions can sometimes be annoying for internet related devices, especially when the device is used for entertainment. Nobody likes to spend time learning and remembering where the functions are hidden when relaxing and looking for some entertainment. The Cloud TV Box is the first internet entertainment device on which the functions are deliberately divided and put on different partitions, so that users can easily find and play the programs they like. The methodology of the division of screen partitions is our pride, we even can see the followers are coming on. No Credit Card Needed. From other TV boxes, you may find you need to provide your credit card information to register before you can watch any programs, which means you may be charged in the future for any programming changes and/or commercial plan. The registration is not a compulsory step for the initial setup of your Cloud TV box, and the Cloud TV Box does not need you to provide your credit card information, and so whether you choose to register or not, we provide the same content to all our customers. Cloud TV Box is an ABSOLUTELY FREE platform. In case you need any after sales service, or you have questions about the Cloud TV Box, it is encouraged to register at the www.sungalewifi.com . Plug And Play. The other TV box may have claimed to have “The Easiest Setup”, but you will find that you need to go to a computer to select some programs as an initial operation, then, you can use the box. The Cloud TV Box has plenty of preloaded programs, and you can enjoy the Plug And Play. Moreover, you can select and add as many video sources as you please. HDMI Cable Included. To provide you 1080p or 720p hi-resolution images, the Cloud TV Box has been packed with a HDMI cable valued $19.99 in the packaging box. Wireless Mouse Included. To ease your internet surfing, the Cloud TV Box has been packed with a wireless mouse valued $24.99 in the packaging box. The wireless mouse allows you to operate your Cloud TV Box up to a 33 feet distance. Compatible With Various Air Mouse. For some games, you may need the convenience of an Air Mouse. The Cloud TV Box is compatible with various air mouse. You can also go to our website www.sungale.com to buy the air mouse we recommend. Compatible With Various Wireless Keyboards. For email or document processing, you may need the convenience of a wireless keyboard. The Cloud TV Box is compatible with various wireless keyboards. You can go to our website www.sungale.com to buy the wireless keyboard we recommend.

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