The Rolling Stones
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Still inspired by their Sticky Fingers recording sessions in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Exile On Main Street found the Rolling Stones sounding more like a Southern fried juke-joint band than ever before.
Super Deluxe Set includes original, remastered release, deluxe CD with bonus tracks, Vinyl, DVD, and a 92 page bound book.
"Little did the Rolling Stones know how apt their name - inspired by the title of a Muddy Waters song, “Rollin’ Stone” - would turn out to be. Formed in 1962, they are the longest-lived continuously active group in rock and roll history. They are also, according to a slogan that is supported by critical and popular consensus, “the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” Throughout four decades of shifting tastes in the arena of popular music, the Stones have kept rolling, adapting to the latest sounds and styles without straying too far from their origins as a blues-loving, guitar-based rock and roll band. In all aspects, theirs has been a remarkable career - and one with no apparent end in sight." - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
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