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Links to our new, used and collectible items are located on our product information pages. To review the listings and place an order, just click the "Used" or "New" link on the product information page. This link will take buyers to all of our Marketplace offerings for that product. Click the "Buy Now" button to place an item in your shopping cart. Once you have completed the order process, the seller receives notification along with your shipping address. The seller will then ship the item directly to you and handle all customer service for this product. is not directly involved in the completion of your order. You will need to contact the seller directly if any issues arise with your Marketplace order. Your Seller's customer service email address can be found in the order detail page located under your My Account. will not mediate disputes or contact sellers on behalf of buyers. Should you have difficulty with the seller, we do have our Marketplace Guarantee Claim available.

Buyer's Safety will charge your credit card directly through your account. does not pass along any credit card information to the seller. Qualified orders are eligible for the Marketplace Guarantee Claim.
Paying Your Marketplace Seller
When a buyer makes a Marketplace purchase, buyers will pay the seller using their account. All Marketplace purchases must be made with a valid credit card or Gift Certificate. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Diner's Club credit cards. will charge credit cards using a buyer's account, but we never pass along any credit card information to sellers.

Marketplace Shipping Times
When you order a Marketplace item, sellers ship items within two business days of the completed order. Shipping times for Marketplace items are as follows:

Standard Shipping: 4 to 14 business days
Expedited Shipping: 3 to 6 business days

If you have any questions regarding your Marketplace shipment we ask that you contact the seller directly. The seller's contact information can be found in the order detail located in your My Account or in the email we send to you confirming the purchase of this order.

Marketplace Shipping Charges
Marketplace sellers set thier own shipping charges and vary from seller to seller.

Marketplace shipping fees are different from shipping fees.

Changing Marketplace Orders
Marketplace orders cannot be changed with Seller's will be handling all aspects of the order process. Once a Marketplace order is submitted buyers are unable to change the billing information, shipping address, or delivery method.

If the shipping address is not correct, buyers will need to contact sellers to have them cancel the order. The seller's email is located on the order detail page located in the My Account area.

Canceling a Marketplace Order is unable to cancel a Marketplace order. Sellers will be handling all aspects of order fulfillment. If you wish to request to have an order canceled, please contact the seller. The seller's email is located on the order detail page located in the My Account area.
Contacting Your Marketplace Seller
The seller will be handling all aspects of your Marketplace order. If you have questions regarding your shipment or item, please contact the seller directly. You can locate the seller's email in the Marketplace order detail in My Account. Additionally, you can view the seller's email in the order confirmation email.
Marketplace Returns
The buyers needs to contact the sellers directly regarding a return or any any problem with an order. The location of the seller's email is in the Marketplace order detail page contained in My Account.

If buyers and sellers are unable to resolve an issue, you can login to your My Account to file a Marketplace Guarantee Claim.

Marketplace Refunds
Any seller who is unable to ship an item, has the ability to request a full or partial refund from for the buyer. Sellers must request the refund from, not buyers.

Once the request is submitted, the buyer receives an email confirmation from The funds will be refunded back to the credit card the buyer used to make the purchase.

Rating Sellers
All Marketplace sellers have a ratings page which can be viewed from the seller's listings page. This page contains the ratings of previous customers of this seller, and will give buyers valuable feedback regarding a seller.

Once a buyer has completed a transaction with a Marketplace seller the buyer is encouraged to leave ratings and feedback for this seller. From the My Account page, a buyer can select the Marketplace order that he/she would like to leave ratings.

Seller ratings cannot be altered. We ask that you resolve issues with your seller in advance of leaving feedback.

Marketplace Guarantee Claim
Buyers should receive Marketplace items in the condition that they were listed. We ask buyers to first contact the seller to give them a chance to address any issues. If the seller does not respond or if the issue is not addressed to the customer's satisfaction buyers can rely on our Marketplace Guarantee Claim which, covers the first $500 of every purchase.

Buyers are eligible to submit a Guarantee claim if:

1 - Buyer never received the item purchased.

2 - Buyer received a different item than the one purchased.

3 - The item received was materially different than what was listed.

If a buyer and a seller are unable to amicably resolve a dispute with an order, we recommend that the buyer file a Marketplace Guarantee Claim. Please note that the Marketplace Guarantee form is only available in your My Account 30 days after your purchase date up to 60 days after the purchase date.

Buyers can submit claims from their My Account area. Once a claim has been submitted, the buyer will receive a confirmation email and the claim will be researched. Guarantee refunds will be issued to the buyer’s credit card used for the original purchase.

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