What is Rakuten Super Logistics?

Published: 05/05/2014 05:25 PM Updated: 11/04/2014 10:43 PM

Rakuten Super Logistics is a service offered by Rakuten.com that allows us to manage the inventory provided to our warehouses by Rakuten.com Shop Owners.

This means that Rakuten.com handles the sales, shipping, returns, and any other customer service related to these items.

How to Identify Rakuten Super Logistics Items

Items that have the square, black icon with the initials RSL are part of the Rakuten Super Logistics program.
Rakuten Super Logistics Icon

You will also see that the item is “Fulfilled by Rakuten” in the seller’s information beneath the “Add to Cart” button.
The phrase “Fulfilled by Rakuten” will appear next to the seller’s information beneath the “Add to Cart” button

Getting Service for Rakuten Super Logistics Items

When you buy a Rakuten Super Logistics item, there is no need to contact the Rakuten.com Shop Owner!

If you are the customer of an item, you can contact us for any of your customer service needs instead of contacting the seller.  This also includes arranging returns in accordance to the Rakuten Super Logistics Return Policy.

Can I Join the Rakuten Super Logistics program?

Are you a Shop Owner interested in being part of the Rakuten Super Logistics program?  Contact your ECC for more information!

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