Office Headsets
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There are two leading companies who manufacter office headsets, Plantronics & Jabra, which offer full lines of innovative products that allow you to choose the right office headset, which is similar and just as important as buying the right pair of shoes. It is astonishing how many Americans are willing to spend billions of dollars and millions of hours on products and services to relieve neck and back pain. Stretching exercises and frequently changing your position can help to relieve pain and prevent repetitive-task injuries, but for some vocations that is just not practical. Office headsets are proactive in preventing one of the most common sources for neck and back pain—cradling the handset of a phone between your ear and shoulder. What's more, office headsets free up your hands so you can be more productive.

  • Do you need to use your computer, write things down, operate machinery/appliances, or get up and walk around while on the phone?
  • Do you spend more than an hour a day (cumulative) on the phone?
  • Does your neck, back or ear feel sore or fatigued after a full day of work?
  • Are chiropractor visits not covered in your healthcare plan?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, an office headset would not only relieve stress and pain, but increase your productivity. Many employers when faced with the decision, view office headsets as good investments.

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