Wheres Waldo
Where's Waldo Now?: Handford, Martin/ Handford, Martin (ILT)
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The elusive little guy everyone loves has ventured into an affordable new format, ready to boggle a new generation. Now he''s easier to carry aroundNbut just as hard as ever to find. Full color.
Where's Waldo 25th Anniversary
First published in 1987, Where's Waldo has become a world wide phenomenon over the past 25 years. Recognized by kids all over, Waldo (or Wally) time travels to all sorts of fantastical environments around the world and it is your job to spot him on his adventures. Can you avoid all the red herrings and find where Waldo has gone now?
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Buy new:$16.99 $15.08
2 New from $15.08
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