Featuring WD Red™ NAS hard drives for ultimate reliability - WD's high-performance, two-bay NAS works right out of the box featuring WD Red hard drives, pre-set in RAID 1 mode for ultimate protection for your data from the start. High-performance NAS - 512 MB memory and 1.2 GHz processor deliver reliable, fast performance for your home or small office. Drive management - Control your data with multiple drive management options including RAID 0, 1; JBOD and spanning modes. Data protection at its best - You're armed with multiple options to secure your data from loss. Choose from RAID 1, USB, cloud or LAN/WAN backup depending upon your data security needs. Easy to manage - A powerful dashboard means your system is always under your control. Monitor your drives, manage users and utilize energy-saving features. Email and mobile alerts keep you informed on My Cloud EX2 status. Award-winning mobile and desktop apps - With WD's My Cloud apps, you can upload, access and share your documents from anywhere. Conveniently transfer files from your public cloud accounts to My Cloud EX2 using the mobile app.Powerful apps to customize your NAS - Featuring industry-leading apps, including aMule, Transmission, Icecast, Joomla!®, phpBB®, phpMyAdmin, SqueezeCenter, and more.Stream media to your connected devices - Stream videos and photos to connected TVs, media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA®/UPnP® devices. Features a Twonky 7.2 DLNA-certified 1.5 media server. And with My Cloud EX2 iTunes® support, you can easily stream your music collection.Advanced serving options - Integrated file server, FTP server, backup server and P2P torrent download server.Back up, your way - Protect your data with remote backup to another My Cloud EX2 or My Cloud EX4, integrated cloud backup or local LAN/WAN backup. PC users can use WD SmartWare™ Pro for complete control of how, when and where to back up files. Mac® users can utilize all the features of Apple® Time Machine® backup software to protect their data.Expand your capacity - Simply attach a compatible USB hard drive directly to one of the two USB 3.0 expansion ports on My Cloud EX2 and instantly expand your storage capacity.Integrated energy-saving features - Save energy with disk spin-down and scheduled power on/off.Your own personal cloud - Unlike public clouds, My Cloud EX2 allows you to keep all your content in one safe place on your home or office network instead of a remote server. No mysterious location of your data. No monthly fees. No limits. Advanced features - A full suite of advanced features to power your home or office including: iSCSI target, full-featured FTP services, jumbo frame support, iPv4/iPv6 ready, UPS support (USB and network), real-time resource monitor, volume encryption with boot-up password, SNMP and virtual volumes.
Price: $853.53
There are three key concepts in RAID: mirroring, the copying of data to more than one disk; striping, the splitting of data across more than one disk; and error correction, where redundant data is stored to allow problems to be detected and possibly fixed. Different RAID levels use one or more of these techniques, depending on the system requirements. The main aims of using RAID are to improve reliability, important for protecting information that is critical or valuable such as your music library and hi-def movie collection or your precious family photos and videos.
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