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Product DescriptionProtect your valuable home theater components from damage and performance problems with Tripp Lite's TLP810NET Protect It!™ A/V Surge Suppressor! In one compact, cost-effective unit, the TLP810NET provides comprehensive protection for small to medium A/V installations and all electronics. It features a high 3240-joule surge suppression rating—more joules mean more protection! A total of 8 AC outlets with built-in safety covers provide the capacity you need to protect all your components. Single-line tel/Ethernet (RJ45) surge protection, 2-line tel/DSL (RJ11) surge protection and single-line 2.2GHz gold coaxial surge protection protect every incoming line through which a damaging surge could reach your equipment. The TLP810NET comes with $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance protection for connected equipment, and a lifetime product warranty. Technical Details View largerAdvanced surge protection for A/V components and all electronics (Learn more)3240-joule surge suppression rating (more joules mean more protection) (Learn more)Improves audio and video performance so components perform at their peak (Learn more)8 surge-protected AC outlets plus coaxial and network/Ethernet line protection (Learn more)Built-in diagnostic LEDs confirm protection status (Learn more)$250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance and lifetime product warranty (Learn more) Learn More Versatile Protection for All Electronics The TLP810NET offers cost-effective surge protection and performance enhancement for A/V components, PCs, peripheral devices and all electronics. It provides 8 AC outlets, a 10-ft. cord, enabling connection to a distant wall outlet, and a space-saving right-angle plug that allows furniture to be placed flush against the wall. Two built-in LEDs confirm surge protection present (green) and safe ground status (red). An audible alarm indicates damage to surge suppression components. View largerPowerful AC Line Surge Suppression The TLP810NET features the highest surge protection rating in its class—3240 joules of surge suppression to prevent even the strongest surges from damaging your valuable electronics. A total of 8 AC outlets, arranged to accommodate up to 3 bulky transformers without blocking remaining outlets, provides protection for multiple components.Improved Component Performance Various electromagnetic and radio sources can cause disruptive interference on the AC line. This line noise is a common cause of incremental hardware damage, data corruption and audio/video performance problems. The TLP810NET incorporates technology that filters out disruptive line noise, preventing it from affecting your equipment. View larger
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