Buffalo’s LinkStation Duo is a high performance, dependable and affordable shared network storage solution with easily accessible drives. It is easy to install and allows you to store and share your music, photos, and videos with multiple computers and over the Internet. With RAID support and Gigabit Ethernet capability, the LinkStation Duo offers fast and reliable performance while ensuring integrity of your data. Access and share your files from anywhere using WebAccess. The user-friendly LinkStation Duo makes file sharing simple. LS-WXL/1D houses a single hard drive in its dual bay and gives users the option to upgrade the unit by adding a hard drive at any time. This flexibility provides a scalable storage solution that allows users to enable data mirroring or increase the overall capacity as needed.Home Server for any Streaming Need! st and easy to install, LinkStation Duo allows you to store and share your music, photos and videos with multiple computers and users on your network and even over the Internet. Since the LinkStation Duo is connected to your network, you can stream media to any connected device, anywhere in your house!For easy sharing and enjoyment of your multimedia content, the LinkStation Duo includes a DLNA CERTIFIED™ server, allowing DLNA players (such as the Buffalo LinkTheater) to access content on the LinkStation without the need of a computer. Plus, the built-in iTunes® server allows for your iTunes application to identify and access the LinkStation as an iTunes content source. Now you store, share, back up and stream your favorites from one central and secure location. You can even share your favorites with family and friends anywhere in the world over the Internet and on your iPhone® using Buffalo’s WebAccess remote access feature. The user-friendly LinkStation Duo makes file sharing simple.A Fitting Solution for Home Offices and Small Business In addition to its great home server features, the LinkStation Duo network storage solution is also a simple and economical way for small businesses, branch offices and other professional users to add business class features such as RAID 0 and RAID 1, Active Directory Support and WebAccess to their network with an installation that is virtually plug-and-play. Fast, reliable, and secure, the LinkStation Duo is perfect for any home or business.
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If you have multiple computers in your household or office then a Network Attached Storage would be ideal for your lifestyle. Network Attached Storage (also known as NAS) devices enable multiple computers to share the same storage space at once. It’s a cost effective and simple solution for sharing photos, files, music or videos stored in one central location.
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