LinkStation Pro Quad LS-QVL/R5 RAID network storage offers instant storage expansion and file access on your home network and over the Internet. Twices as fast as a standard NAS, LS-QVL/R5 features a high-speed, 1.6 GHz processor for maximum transfer speeds up to 72 MB/s. Plug it into any Ethernet port or into the back of your wireless router and access it on any networked computer in your house. While on the go, use Buffalo’s free WebAccess service for remote access to your files over the Internet from any standard Web browser. You can download the free WebAccess i Apps from the iTunes® store to access and share files from your iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®. Included NovaBACKUP® Professional software for Windows® and Time Machine® support provide a whole home backup solution for every PC and Mac® on your network. LinkStation Pro Quad makes central storage and backup easy. Network Attached Storage Connect LinkStation Pro Quad to any Ethernet port or to the back of your wireless router and instantly access storage from any computer on the network. Store or back up digital photos, MP3s and documents on one hard drive and access it from any computer simultaneously. Shared folders can be accessed by everyone on the network Protect private folders and files from unauthorized access Back up every computer on your home network to one location4-Drive RAID Storage RAID 0 combines all four drives into a single array offering maximum capacity with no redundancy RAID 5 stripes the data across all four drives, interspersing parity data to provide an efficient blend of fault tolerance and storage capacity RAID 10 mirrors two sets of hard drives and combines them into a single array, striping data across all mirrored sets for fault tolerance and increased performanceHigh Speed Optimized for maximum transfer speed, LinkStation Pro Quad utilizes an upgraded processor and RAM, offering greater than 2X the data transfer speed of competing devices.1.6 GHz processor speed DDR3 RAM Transfer speeds up to 72 MB/sWhole Home Backup Five copies of NovaBACKUP Professional for Windows and a built-in Time Machine Server allow for back up of all PCs and Mac computers in your home to a central, always available storage device. Put an end to moving USB drives between multiple computers.Free WebAccess Service Access and share your files quickly and securely from any computer over the Internet with a standard Web browser. makes sharing and accessing remote files easy. It even resizes your photos for optimized streaming over the Internet.Access Data From Your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad Free Buffalo WebAccess i apps on the Apple iTunes App Store allow you to access your LinkStation and those of friends and family. Upload photos and videos to an authorized LinkStation or access terabytes of multimedia files and documents directly from your Apple mobile device or a computer.Multimedia Server An integrated DLNA Certified™ server streams multimedia content to any DNLA or uPnP A/V media playback device such as PS3™, Xbox 360®, many network enabled TVs, digital photo frames, etc.BitTorrent® Downloader Powered by the leading BitTorrent client, uTorrent, LinkStation Pro Quad can download any BitTorrent files automatically without your PC being on. Simply paste a torrent URL into the LinkStation uTorrent application and then turn off your PC.
Price: $1,190.88
If you have multiple computers in your household or office then a Network Attached Storage would be ideal for your lifestyle. Network Attached Storage (also known as NAS) devices enable multiple computers to share the same storage space at once. It’s a cost effective and simple solution for sharing photos, files, music or videos stored in one central location.
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