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The ShoulderDolly gives you a hand in moving the heavy stuff--and reduces back, arm, and hand strain. This 2-person system was designed by a professional mover to ease the burden of lifting heavy and bulky objects. The kit contains two harnesses and one 12' long x 5" wide lifting strap. To lift an object, both people will slip the harness over their head, place the lifting strap under the object, squat to adjust the webbing for differences in their heights and the weight of the object, then stand up! The ShoulderDolly encourages safe lifting techniques and reduces the risk of injury. Eliminates damage caused by hand trucks and traditional dollies--no more marring walls, floors, doors, or furniture.The ShoulderDolly lifting system makes lifting big/bulky/heavy items easier! By using natural leverage, the ShoulderDolly Lifting System allows two people to maintain proper upright posture while lifting any heavy object. The ShoulderDolly works in conjunction with the muscle groups in your legs and shoulders. The sturdy harness fits comfortably over your shoulders and by using your legs, the ShoulderDolly significantly decreases strain and the risk of injury to your lower back, hands, biceps and forearms. It’s a proven way to move big bulky items, safely, easily and more efficiently than a moving dolly. The recommended carrying capacity is up to 800 lbs, however, that is subject to the lifters ability. Each set weighs 4 lbs. One ShoulderDolly set includes everything you need for two people.
Price: $30.80
List: $79.99
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humangear GoToob 3 oz - 3 Pack
Price: $21.99
$27.99 21% Off
Bellino Bottle Limo
Price: $80.99
$94.99 14% Off
Masterlock Security Bar (265DCCSEN)
Price: $15.33
$16.29 5% Off
Black Diamond Spot
Price: $48.01
Revlon RV408 1875 Watt Turbo Dryer
Price: $15.02
$17.99 16% Off
Lewis N. Clark Compression Packers
Price: $12.99
$18.99 31% Off
Purse Holder - Color: Ivory
Price: $9.99
$13.00 23% Off
Dry Pak 12x16x4 Multipurpose Nylon Case
Price: $29.99
$44.99 33% Off
GoCup Large - 8 oz.
Price: $12.33
$14.99 17% Off
Kelty's Noah's Tarp 16
Price: $79.95
$99.95 20% Off
Deluxe Quik Cart
Price: $46.99
$59.99 21% Off
Chair One
Price: $99.95
NFL Wine Sack with Corkscrew
Price: $24.95
$27.95 10% Off
Bellino The Angeleno
Price: $33.99
$49.99 32% Off
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