.auto-style2 { text-align: center;}.auto-style3 { margin-left: 40px;}.auto-style4 { margin-bottom: 1px; The BlissLights Spright projects thousands of static pin points of light that is perfect for putting a "fire fly" effect in your garden, pool, house or gazebo creating a truly unique holiday display. Let your imagination make you into an instant lighting designer. Use only one color or combine colors to create the effect you wish. Easy installation lets you start enjoying your new light show in three easy steps, plug it in, Stake it in and be amazed.   Features• Great on plants and trees.• A static firefly effect.• Green is the brightest light color to the human eye.• 30' x 30' coverage or about the size of 2 two-car garages.• Replaces 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting.• Uses an average of just 3 watts in temps above 55F (8 watts in temps below 55F).• More efficient than LED technology and has a 7,000 hour lamp life, which means the lamp will last an average of 4.75 years if used for 4 hours every night. • Nighttime operating temperature of -15F to 90F (Allow 15 minutes for built-in heater to start in colder temperatures). • New holographic technology      Specifications• Laser Classification Class 2• Maximum Laser Power• (Single Beam) Less than 1 mw• Laser Wavelength 532 nm – Green, 650nm-Red, 445nm-Blue• Laser Optics Single source holographic optical element• Power Consumption Up to 8 watts• Power Input• Operation Indoor / Outdoor• Operating Temperature -15º F to 90º F• Projection Coverage 30ft. X 30ft.• Maintenance Maintenance Free• Dimensions 13”H x 5 ”L x 4”WInside the Box• Projector Light• AC Adapter/Transformer (Input: 120VAC, 60Hz, Output: 12VAC, 1000mA,12W)• Timer (Input: 12VAC, 1A, Output: 12VAC, 1A)• Stake• User's Guide  
Price: $59.95
List: $229.99
Sour Stars: 5 LBS
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Mint Twists: 5 LBS
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Metallic Color Mist Spray-Gold(Pack of 1)
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Tiger Pops Lollipops 200 Count Bag
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Now and Later Classic Tub 192 Count
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