A UNIQUE CHRISTMAS GIFT! VideOccasions makes it easy for you to create your own, very special Christmas greeting and gift, all-in-one. So...what are you waiting for? Grab your video cassette camera, gather your friends and family and be creative! Sing a carol, extend a greeting, record those special holiday moments,. But most of all, have fun creating the most original, meaningful and creative idea in personalized Christmas gifts. VideOccasions--the gift and card that will be cherished forever. Everything you need is inside the gift box mailer. Your VideOcasions kit includes: One 10-minute, high quality video tape to record your personal greeting, Creative ideas and filming tips, Special Christmas labels, Festive gift box mailer, And a protective sleeve to preserve your VideOccaions for years ot come. It's easy to create your VideOccasions. First, remove the video cassette form the enclosed gift box mailer. Then, with your video cassette camera (If you have an 8-mm or VHC-C camera, just plug your video camera into your home VCR and make the copy on your VideOccasions VHS cassette) create your own personal video greeting (up to 10 minutes long). After your video is complete, write a personal message on the enclosed cassette labels and apply them to the video cassette. Return the video to the gift box mailer and seal it. Fill out the mailing label, adhere it to the box, affix postage and drop in the mail. Your VideOccasions tape will arrive safe and sound. This package has been tested and approved for shipping.
Price: $2.56
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