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Finally, a lab and filed proven, hassle-free way to keep PCs running fast, safe, and error-free. System Mechanic is the world’s #1 best-selling and most-awarded computer performance software, with over 75 million computers repaired worldwide, hundreds of 5-Star and Editor’s Choice accolades, and countless independent lab certifications since 1998. Why? Because it really works. Experts unanimously agree that System Mechanic is the most effective way to restore and maintain maximum PC speed and stability. It safely and automatically finds and fixes computer problems created by regular, everyday use that drag down the speed and stability of PCs over time, keeping them running like new as long as they are used. System Mechanic also uses patent-pending technology to inject even more horsepower back into the system for faster startup, web surfing, gaming, and other high-performance computing activities. System Mechanic Premium brings you an all-in-one computer maintenance and repair platform that combines System Mechanic's superior performance-tuning capabilities with four more essential programs you need to keep your PC running fast and error-free, safeguard and recover your important files and photos in case of disaster, and securely wipe sensitive data from your hard drive. Consistently recognized as the most effective performance-boosting program of its kind by PC Magazine and other leading experts and independent labs, System Mechanic offers an all-inclusive solution to the myriad of problem sources that result in PC slowdowns, crashes, and freezes. Bundled together with three award-winning tune-up programs and secure online storage, this uniquely comprehensive approach to complete computer care makes System Mechanic Premium the most complete and effective PC performance package available. Revolutionary new Program Accelerator™ supercharges program performance Uses an all new patent-pending calibration technology to speed up program performance by intelligently realigning programs with their dependent files. ActiveCare® keeps PCs running like new automatically Set-and-forget patent-pending ActiveCare® technology proactively optimize PCs using only idle system resources. Multiple new automated repair tasks enable System Mechanic to monitor and automatically fix even more problems than before. AcceleWrite™ real-time technology speeds PCs by optimizing critical file storage activity. It increases performance on both solid state drives (SSD) and traditional hard disk drives (HDD). As a result, writing and reading files is much faster and hard drives last longer. New Designated Drivers™ prevents untimely breakdowns Scans for out-of-date device driver files, and conveniently and safely manages the critical software that keeps your PC's devices working problem-free. Fully integrated SSD Accelerator™ streamlines drives for speed Prolongs the life of flash-powered solid state drives and keeps them running at ultra-high speeds to optimize PC performance like never before. CRUDD Remover™ eliminates root cause of system drag Helps unclog system performance by finding unused, unnecessary, and redundant programs that are slowing down and destabilizing your PC. “Crowdsourcing” technology harnesses the actions of many experts to disable or uninstall only the right programs. Break the 3-PC barrier with the Whole Home Licensing™ Program Allows families to install System Mechanic on an unlimited number of PCs in a single-family household at no extra cost. Enhanced Tune-up Definitions™ raise System Mechanic’s IQ These automatic updates from iolo Labs that fuel System Mechanic’s intelligent problem solving capabilities have been expanded to include 5 new major areas of PC performance data, empowering System Mechanic with the ability to fix over 30,000 different problem types with surgical precision. Improved Memory Mechanic® rescues 25% more memory System Mechanic’s innovative memory-reclaiming tool has been re-engineered to work up to 85% faster and regain up to 25% more orphaned RAM from leaky programs. Secure online backup lets you access your data anywere Online backup (or "the cloud") allows you to access, download, edit, and save your data anytime, anywhere, and on any PC or mobile device, so you can always have your important data at your fingertips. SmartScan® and StrongScan® resurrects lost data This proprietary technology finds and recovers files even after they've been deleted. StrongScan digs deep to find files that other recovery programs miss, and SmartScan helps identify the file you need. DriveScrubber® keeps private data out of the wrong hands Powerful, military-grade DriveScrubber® can now delete files, folders, and entire drives from within Windows, making it even easier to securely wipe private data from your PC.
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