Get thorough vacuuming when you want it with the iRobot Roomba 770 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. The on-board scheduling feature lets you preset up to seven times per week for Roomba to clean when it's most convenient for you. Just press the big clean button and ignore! Roomba cleans under beds and other hard to reach areas. Roomba provides comprehensive cleaning coverage vacuuming in tight spots, under and around furniture and along baseboards. Persistent pass cleaning method employs a back and forth cleaning pattern to apply elbow grease in areas where it senses excessive dirt. Exclusive to the 780 and 770 Only. The full bin indicator lets you know when the bin is full and needs to be emptied. This Feature is found only on the 780 and 770. Designed with pet owners in mind, the cleaning head provides superior performance for picking up pet hair, dirt, dust, allergens and more. AeroVac series 2 bin employs a powerful vacuum to vigorously pull debris and hair off brushes into the bin. The distributed air collection and clog-resistant design of the aerovac series 2 bin optimizes vacuum effectiveness and dirt and hair packing efficiency. Roomba knows which areas to clean and those to avoid. In addition, invisible barriers can be set using the 2 auto virtual walls included in the system. To mark off-limit areas, simply place a virtual wall at a doorway or other opening and adjust the infrared beam setting to the distance of the opening. The unit automatically detects the beam and will not cross it. Roomba also charges itself, going back to its Home Base to dock and recharge between cleanings. Roomba's advanced system of software and sensors allows it to clean more of your room, more thoroughly. With iAdapt Technology, Roomba vacuums every section of your room multiple times. The Light-Touch Bumper Technology accurately discerns soft barriers from solid barriers, allowing Roomba to go under curtains, comforters, bed skirts and couch skirts. Wall-Following Technology ensures the most thorough floor coverage possible Dirt Detect Technology uses an acoustic sensor to help find dirtier areas and spend more time cleaning them. Cliff Detection Sensors allow Roomba to avoid stairs and other drop-offs and anti-tangle technology keeps Roomba from getting stuck on cords, carpet fringe and tassels, helping Roomba to clean on its own without supervision. Roomba uses sophisticated power management software to deliver up to 50% longer battery life than previous Roomba generations, ensuring hundreds of cleaning cycles under proper use. On-board scheduling allows you to preset up to seven times per week for Roomba to clean when it's most convenient for you. The Remote Control lets you turn Roomba on and off, perform regular and spot cleanings and steer the robot around the room ensuring complete clean up. Dual HEPA air filters capture dust particles as fine as 0.3 microns, limiting the recirculation of fine particles and leaving fresher, healthier air behind.
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