The Sonic Duo System Vacuuming alone only removes loose dirt, dust and debris, leaving behind the stuck on particles. This stuck on dirt contributes to discoloration, staining, dinginess and odors. Shark's Sonic Duo Cleaning System is a revolutionary new product that can remove stuck on dirt quickly and easily. Carpets and area rugs will begin to look cleaner and smell fresher immediately! Shark's Sonic Cleaning Technology scrubs floors and carpets 1,000 times per minute to remove stuck on dirt from floors and carpets. Sharp's Trap and Remove Technology uses the sonic scrubbing action and carpet cleaning solution to penetrate deep and attach to dirt deep in the carpet fibers; for easy removal later with a vacuum. With minimal effort on the users part with Airglide Maneuverability, it has never been easier or faster to get your floors and carpets truly clean! Removes tough stains and stuck on dirt from carpets and hard floors quickly and easily. Airglide maneuverability, swivel steering and head light for improved control and operation on any surface. Dual scrubbing modes for hard floors and carpets that provide 1,000 scrubs per minute for a deep clean. Washable microfiber pads specifically designed for efficient hard floor and carpet cleaning. Family and pet safe non-toxic cleaning solutions provide a true clean without harmful chemicals. Convenient and easy to use compared to standard carpet cleaners and steam mops. Includes: Sonic Duo Deluxe Hard Floor Mop & Carpet Cleaning System - ZZ900, (3) Hard Floor Cleaning Pads, (2) Carpet Cleaning Pads, Carpet Scrub 'n Stain Pad, Hard Floor Polishing Pad, Wood & Hard Floor Cleaner, Wood & Hard Floor Polish, Low Moisture No Rinse Carpet Cleaner, Activating Pretreater, Scrubduster, Scrubduster Dusting Pad, Scrubduster Scrubbing Pad, Storage Tray.
Price: $127.98
List: $299.99
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