This kit features three vital cleaning tools that are designed to keep your decanters and stemware clean and clear.The kit includes decanter cleaning balls, a stemware cleaning brush, and a decanter cleaning brush.1) Keep your decanter looking its best with these stainless steel decanter cleaning balls. Simply add a light amount of water then gently swirl for 1-2 minutes and let the decanter balls remove stains and clean hard-to-reach places. As a part of the stylish selection offered by Epicureanist, this product makes a great gift for any wine lover.Features: Stainless steel beads Reusable and easy to clean2) Keep your stemware looking brilliant with the Stemware Cleaning Brush from Epicureanist. The non-abrasive foam bristles delicately clean and protect your fine crystal and glassware from chips, scratches, and loss of clarity. The cleaning brush also works well with all shapes of stemware.Features: Reaches to the bottom of narrow flutes Non-abrasive foam bristles never chip, break or scratch delicate surfaces Does not absorb water Easy grip handle3) Help keep your decanters radiant with the Wine Decanter Cleaning Brush from Epicureanist. This brush uses soft, non-abrasive foam to gently clean any decanter without harming or scratching delicate surfaces. The 16 inch long wand is also flexible to clean hard-to-reach areas — simply bend the brush to reach the outer perimeter of the decanter.Features: Flexible to clean hard-to-reach areas Non-abrasive foam bristles never chip, break or scratch delicate surfaces Does not absorb water Easy grip handle 16 inches long when fully extendedDecanter Cleaning Balls Dimensions: 2" L x 2" W x 1" H Weight: 0.19 lbs.Stemware Cleaning Brush Dimensions: 2.25" L x 1" W x 9.75" H Weight: 0.19 lbs.Wine Decanter Cleaning Brush Dimensions: 1" L x 1" W x 16" H Weight: 0.19 lbs.
Price: $41.99
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