Black Christmas

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An escaped maniac returns to his childhood home on christmas eve, which is now a sorority house, and begins to murder the sorority sisters one by one.


Studio Universal (Music)
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Format DVD
Release Date 6/14/2011
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Editors Note
Note Though it was only a mild success upon its release in 1974, the original BLACK CHRISTMAS (directed by Bob Clark, who would go on to direct A CHRISTMAS STORY in 1984) has become a cult favorite among horror buffs since the dawn of the home-video era. An early example of the "body count" genre, the film also predates WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (1979) in its use of a killer making threatening phone calls that originate within his potential victims' own house. In this remake, writer/director Glen Morgan takes the basics of Roy Moore's screenplay for the original to create an elaborate and almost comically disturbing back story for Billy, the killer who previously remained a mystery. A handful of sorority girls remain at the house after the school shuts down for Christmas break. An ominous snowstorm blows in, isolating them. At the same time, a killer--who in this version escapes from a mental institution to return to his former family home--breaks into the attic and begins making terrifying phone calls to the girls (led by Kate Cassidy, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Lacey Chabert) before killing them off one by one. SCTV veteran Andrea Martin, who portrayed a victim in the original, returns as Ms. Mac, the house mother.^Stylistically, Moore's remake avoids casting the film in the ironic post-SCREAM or streamlined, gore-free Japanese-horror-inspired fright films of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Instead he makes BLACK CHRISTMAS in the style of a wet and red '80s slasher film. The plentiful blood and guts will please fans of that era, as will tributes to the HALLOWEEN films. This, along with a soundtrack that eschews holiday standards in favor of modern pop music, plus a dim lighting scheme that relies heavily on colored Christmas bulbs, combine to create an atmosphere of holiday dread in this fun update of what has become a horror classic.
Glen Morgan
Katie Cassidy
Michelle Trachtenberg
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Cast & Crew
Andrea Martin - Actor
Bob Clark - Executive Producer
Chris G. Willingham - Editor
Glen Morgan - Screenplay
Glen Morgan - Director
Katie Cassidy - Actor
Lacey Chabert - Actor
Marty Adelstein - Producer
Michelle Trachtenberg - Actor
Robert McLachlan - Cinematographer
Roy Moore - Based On Screenplay By
Shirley Walker - Original Music By
Tony Wohlgemuth - Art Director
Technical Info
Original Release Date 2006
Catalog ID 80110
UPC 00796019801102
Number of Discs 1
Color Color
Aspect Ratio
Widescreen  2.35:1
Review Glen Morgan's Black Christmas isn't just a remake of the 1974 cult classic, it's a deliriously entertaining love letter to the entire genre of 70's and 80's slasher films. With its highly creative murder sequences and twisted sense of humor, it plays not like a slasher movie as most of them actually were (since the majority of entries in the genre were fairly idiotic), but as aging fans remember them through the forgiving haze of nostalgia. It's like Prom Night or My Bloody Valentine reimagined by filmmakers of genuine wit and style...If Final Destination was an inventive variation on the "dead teenager" formula pioneered by Friday the 13th, Black Christmas is to the whole genre of slasher films what Kill Bill was to 70's grindhouse flicks--a pastiche that is smarter and funnier than the movies it's ripping off.
Reviewer Jim Hemphill
ReviewRating 9
ReviewSource Variety
Review It's debatable whether the original 1974 "Black Christmas" is, as its most rabid fans claim, the mother of all slasher movies. But there can be no argument regarding the scant merits of its slapdash, soporifically routine remake, suitable only for the least discriminating of gore hounds. The new-but-unimproved "Black Christmas" opened Dec. 25 without press previews, dropped into megaplexes like a lump of coal into a naughty child's stocking...The original "Black Christmas" established many slasher-movie conventions, including the menacing phone caller. But that isn't the only reason why so much of the remake is familiar. Despite some game efforts by members of the ensemble cast -- including Andrea Martin, a vet of the original, here cast as the sorority house mother -- the characters are too generic to generate a rooting interest, and the plot is too predictable for Morgan to muster suspense.
Reviewer Joe Leydon
ReviewRating 5
DVD, Rated R, Spanish, Subtitled
Chuck Wilson, L.A. Weekly ...wittily gothic...absurdist, chain-reaction intricacy of the "Final Destination" deaths.
John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press One of the best horror movies of the year.
Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle evocative, effective entry into the holiday blood-spray subgenre...
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