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Loveable puzzle action from the makers of Bejeweled and Zuma Product Information They are googly-eyed furry balls of fun that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you grab and slide them around the game board! Your objective in each level of Chuzzle Deluxe is to form groups of three or more Chuzzles and accumulate the greatest number of points per level, while deftly avoiding a dreaded no more moves scenario. It wont be easy! Pesky Puzzle Locks randomly appear and lock Chuzzles in place! Large, oafish, yet well-meaning Fat Chuzzles will crash the party and take up two rows at once! But fear not, the Chuzzles are here to help you! They will highlight with a starry outline the matches you have discovered, and if you watch carefully, they just might give you a hint! If you do make a set of three or more Chuzzles they will POP! It's easy to learn but hard to master, providing hours of enjoyment for the whole family. Chuzzle makes a great gift with a FREE Chuzzle character included! Product Features Chuzzle Creature Colors will vary by product box Colorful 3D graphics Music soundtrack Meet giant, rainbow and super Chuzzles Earn trophies in the Chuzzle Hall of Fame Four games in one! Try the Classic mode, exciting Action game, Puzzling Mindbender or endless Zen! Activities Include Chuzzle Characters and Features Chuzzles The Chuzzles anxiously wait their whole lives for the immeasurable joy of being joined together with other Chuzzles. Join three or more same-color Chuzzles together and watch them explode with happiness! Fat Chuzzles These biggies can be matched with regular Chuzzles, but when you click and drag them, their sizeable bodies affect two Chuzzle rows at the same time! Rainbow Chuzzles The rare and elusive rainbow Chuzzles can be more difficult to group, but worth extra points if you can! Super Chuzzles Match five or more same-color Chuzzles at the same time to create a pulsing, high-octane Super Chuzzle. Match the Super Chuzzle with same-color regular Chuzzles and the results are highly explosive. Detonate a Super Chuzzle next to another Super Chuzzle for a mega-blast! Puzzle Locks At random (but more frequently during higher levels) Puzzle Locks will drop on Chuzzles, firmly locking into place the Chuzzles and their corresponding rows. Matching two or more same-color Chuzzles with locked Chuzzles will break them out and free the locked rows. Scrambles Scrambles allow you to refresh and shuffle the Chuzzle grid if you have reached a point where no more matches can be made. You only have a few, so try to save them! Game Modes Classic Chuzzle: The original puzzler! Classic Chuzzle is available in two difficulty settings: Casual and Expert. (When you play Chuzzle for the first time, the game will default to Classic Chuzzle in the casual difficulty mode.) In both the Casual and Expert modes, all Chuzzle characters and features are represented. You are given two Scrambles at the beginning of the game, with the possibility to win more. The frequency of the Puzzle Locks will ease-in during Casual mode, while they will be fast and furious in Expert. Speed Chuzzle: Not for the faint of heart, Speed Chuzzle adds an intense twist that will drive you mad! Speed Chuzzle keeps all the features of Classic Chuzzle, but adds a timer. You will add time to the clock by making Chuzzle matches, but once the timer runs out, one or more Puzzle Locks will drop! The timer then resets and the countdown begins again! Frenetic fun for all. Zen Chuzzle: Looking for a cute and fuzzy balm to soothe your nerves? Try Zen Chuzzle, where all Puzzle Locks and timers are eliminated, leaving you nothing but a serene and blissful Chuzzling experience. In Zen Chuzzle, the rewards are many as you walk the path to Chuzzlightenment. Mind Bender: A completely different way to Chuzzle! In Mind Bender, you must arrange the Chuzzles so that they match a special pattern. Every level offers three new patterns and more complex arrangements. Can your mind bend around all twenty levels? Options: Music Volume and Sound Effects: You can adjust these volume sliders separately to fit your preferences. Windowed Mode: If this is not checked, Chuzzle Deluxe will fill your entire computer screen. If it is checked, Chuzzle Deluxe will be played within a window. You may choose how large the window is by selecting a resolution size under "Display". Custom Cursors: If this box is checked, you will see special custom Chuzzle Deluxe cursors in the game, rather than Windows standard cursors. If you have a special theme installed that changes your Windows cursors, you may need to de-activate this option to properly see the custom game cursors in the game. Hardware Acceleration: This box can be checked to spruce-up the games visuals and to improve performance for computers with supported video cards. Colorblind Mode: This option will add symbols to the tops of the Chuzzles, so that you do not have to rely on colors to find matching Chuzzles. Display: See "Windowed Mode." High Scores: Your Classic Chuzzle and Speed Chuzzle scores will be automatically saved and displayed on the High Scores screen, which is accessible by clicking the High Scores button on the Main Menu. Flaunt and let your rivals weep. Trophy Room: Trophies can be earned for special moves in all Chuzzle game modes. Windows Requirements Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP Pentium III 500 MHz or better processor 128 MB of RAM minimum DirectX 7 or later Keyboard required 100% Microsoft compatible mouse required DirectX certified sound card installed Video: you must have your desktop set to 16-bit or 32-bit color mode (256 Colors may not work) CD-ROM Drive


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