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D-Link DNS-320 2-Bay ShareCenter Network Storage with USB Printer Port
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D-Link DNS-320 2-Bay ShareCenter Network Storage with USB Printer Port 2 of 3
D-Link DNS-320 2-Bay ShareCenter Network Storage with USB Printer Port 3 of 3
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Mfg Part#: DNS-320
Sku: 218091336
UPC: 790069347283
UPC 14: 00790069347283
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D-Link’s DNS-320 ShareCenter 2-Bay Network Storage device is the cost-effective way to store and share documents, music, videos, and photos with anyone on your network. The DNS-320 allows you to insert your own disk drives and can support up to 4TB of storage capacity. Equipped with four different hard drive modes, Jumbo Frames support, Gigabit connectivity, a variety of built-in servers like a USB Print server, Peer-to-Peer downloader, UPnP AV media servers, Web File and Web File server, and an easy to use management interface, the DNS-320, is an affordable and reliable storage solution perfect for any home network.

The D-Link Easy Utility
The D-Link Easy Utility allows you to easily locate this ShareCenter device from anywhere on the network. Once it is located, you can use the utility to map the drive so it will appear in My Computer on your PC.

Easy Peasy
Not quite the handyman? That’s ok. You can insert hard drives without using any tools or attaching any cables.

The Power of Gigabit
This ShareCenter device comes with a 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port, giving you blazing fast speeds so you can back up and access your stuff without the wait.

Be Cool
There’s no overheating in this device’s future. It comes with a quiet built-in fan to keep things nice and cool.

Hard Drive 101

3.5" SATA Hard Drives
3.5" SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives can be found easily right here on! As long as the hard drives you purchase are 3.5” SATA drives, they will work with your ShareCenter Device.

The Right Capacity for You
Hard drives come in a variety of storage capacities, generally ranging from 1TB to 2TB. Think of everything you want to store and back up on your ShareCenter device, including music, videos, photos and documents to decide on the best size for you.

The Right Number of Drives for You

You want to use your ShareCenter device for extra space to store your digital content and to share that content with all of the computers on your network.

You want to store and share content over your network, but you also want to take advantage of RAID 1 technology (mirroring) to ensure that if one of the drives crashes, your content is still safe.

You want to store and share content over your network using RAID 5 technology because it provides the most capacity efficient data protection while delivering reliable data recovery in the case of hard drive failure.


ShareCenter Connects to Your Home Network
One of the biggest misconceptions about ShareCenter devices is that they are simply external hard drives. Sure, they protect your stuff in case your hard drive crashes. And yeah, they allow you to back up your digital content so you can save space on your computer. But unlike external hard drives, ShareCenter devices connect to your home network instead of to a single computer, which means they can go far above and beyond the limits of an average external hard drive.

Share Files Over Your Home Network
Because ShareCenter devices connect to your home network, they are able to back up and store content from all of the computers on your network instead of just one. That means while you’re backing up work documents from your laptop, the rest of the family can back up the digital photos and music from their computers. Plus, because all of that digital content is being stored in one central location, it’s easy for everyone on the network to share it between computers. And no need to worry, ShareCenter makes it easy to control who has access to what, so privacy isn’t an issue.

Access Your Content from Anywhere
ShareCenter devices feature a built-in Web File and FTP server, which enable you to access your saved content remotely over the Internet. Once you set up a Web File server, you can access all of your music, videos, photos and documents from virtually anywhere. That’s right. Thanks to ShareCenter no matter how far you travel, you never have to be more than a few clicks away from all of your saved files.


Stream Media to Your Computers and TVs
You’re probably planning to store a lot of great stuff on your ShareCenter. Photos from last week’s party, the video you shot of your best friend’s wedding, your entire music collection and tons more. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy it all whenever and wherever you want? With ShareCenter, you can.

ShareCenter makes it simple to wirelessly stream digital media like photos, music and videos to any of your computers and your entertainment system. That means you can watch any saved media on your computer, or enjoy it with friends and family on your entertainment system. Anywhere, anytime.

Compatible Media Players
ShareCenter storage devices work with a variety of UPnP A/V compatible network media players to stream videos, photos and music to your entertainment center. Compatible media players include:

  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • The Boxee Box by D-Link


    Hard Drives Crash
    If you’re like most people, a lot of your digital life is stored on your computer. Your digital photos, home videos, music, work documents and more. But guess what? Hard drives crash, so isn’t it time you backed yours up? And not just manually every so often with an external hard drive. We mean really back it up.

    Enter ShareCenter
    ShareCenter can be programmed to back up your digital content on a schedule or in real time so you can set it and forget it. Plus, ShareCenter can house more than one hard drive and can be configured to operate in the hard drive mode of your choice. It’s truly a custom solution.

    Feature Rich Backup Software
    With ShareCenter’s feature rich bundled software, you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing. Not only does it let you restore individual files and documents in case they get lost, it lets you take snapshots of your entire hard drive so you can restore your computer to exactly the way it was when the snapshot was taken.


    Simplified Management
    ShareCenter solutions can do a whole lot. They let you back up your content, share it with friends and family, access everything remotely from the Internet and stream content to your TV. Thankfully, they’re also incredibly easy to manage.

    With included feature-rich backup software, Windows users can easily create schedules and rules including real-time, full or incremental backups and can set storage quotas for specific users and groups. All without breaking a sweat.

    Network Access
    ShareCenter storage devices support up to 64 unique users and allow you to add them to a group or individually, making it simple to manage who has access to what. Plus, you can easily give rights to specific users or groups and assign them to folders with either read or read/write permissions. This is perfect for the home where you can ensure your children will only have access to age appropriate material or for an office environment with employee-specific data.

    Storage Quotas
    Hate it when people fill up your hard drive with their photos and music? Want to save some space for your own stuff? Good news - ShareCenter supports storage quotas for both groups and individual users. That means you can easily limit the amount of storage users are allocated and change those quotas as necessary. With ShareCenter, you’ve got the power.

    B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Drives)
    One of the best things about this ShareCenter device is that it comes without built-in hard drives. That means added flexibility and reduced strain on your wallet. You’re free to hand pick the disk drive that is the best fit for you. Choose the size. Choose the brand. Search for the best deal. Buy one. Buy two. The sky is the limit.

    Backup Software
    With the backup software included with your ShareCenter device, you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing. Not only does it let you restore individual files and documents in case they get lost, it lets you take snapshots of your entire hard drive so you can restore your computer to the way it was when the snapshot was taken.
  • Features

    Video Features Two 3.5” SATA Hard Drive Bays
    Video Features 800MHz CPU
    Video Features Tool-less Hard Drive Installation
    Video Features Multiple Hard Drive Configurations: RAID 0, RAID 1, Standard, and JBOD
    Video Features High Performance with Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity
    Video Features USB Port Supports Print Serving, UPS Monitoring and One Touch Backup
    Video Features Built-in Web File Server and Secure FTP Server for File Access Over the Internet
    Video Features DLNA™ Server to Stream Music, Photos, and Video to Compatible Media Players Including PlayStation® 3, Xbox® 360 and the Boxee Box by D-Link.
    Video Features iTunes Server
    Video Features Apple Time Machine Support
    Video Features Peer-to-Peer Download Engine
    Video Features Users and Groups can be Assigned to Folders with Read or Read/Write Access
    Video Features Establish Storage Quotas for Users and Groups
    Video Features Full or Incremental Backups
    Video Features Recover Your Computer using the Bundled Backup Software
    Video Features Automatic E-mail Notification of Device Status
    Video Features Configure Language Setting for use with Web Interface
    Video Features Yahoo! Widget Support
    Video Features NFS Server Support
    Video Features 24/7 Basic Installation Support
    Video Features 3-Year Limited Warranty

    Video Features Package Contents
    Video Features ShareCenter™ 2-Bay Network Storage with USB Printer Port
    Video Features Power Adapter
    Video Features Ethernet Cable
    Video Features Quick Installation Guide
    Video Features CD ROM

    Tech Specs

    Tech Specs CPU:
    Tech Specs 800MHz
    Tech Specs 128MB RAM

    Tech Specs Standards:
    Tech Specs IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
    Tech Specs IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
    Tech Specs IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet

    Tech Specs Support Hard Drive Type:
    Tech Specs 3.5" Internal SATA Hard Drive

    Tech Specs Ports:
    Tech Specs 1 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Port
    Tech Specs 1 USB Port
    Tech Specs Power

    Tech Specs Drive Management:
    Tech Specs Four Different Hard Drive Configurations (RAID 0, 1, JBOD, Standard)
    Tech Specs Drive Status with Email Alerts
    Tech Specs Drive Quotas
    Tech Specs Power Management

    Tech Specs Device Management:
    Tech Specs Internet Explorer® v6 or other Java-enabled Browsers

    Tech Specs LEDs:
    Tech Specs Power
    Tech Specs LAN
    Tech Specs HDD 1
    Tech Specs HDD 2

    Tech Specs Power Supply:
    Tech Specs External Power Supply
    Tech Specs DC 12V / 4A Switching

    Tech Specs Power Consumption:
    Tech Specs Normal mode: 15.7 W
    Tech Specs Sleep mode: 8.2 W

    Tech Specs Power Management:
    Tech Specs Power Saving
    Tech Specs Schedule power off
    Tech Specs Auto Power Recovery support

    Tech Specs Operating Temperature:30º to 104º F (0º to 40º C)
    Tech Specs Operating Humidity: 10% to 95% Non-Condensing

    Tech Specs Certification:
    Tech Specs FCC Class B
    Tech Specs CE

    Tech Specs Dimensions (L x W x H): Item: 4.5" x 6.9" x 5.8" (115mm x 175mm x 149mm)
    Tech Specs Weight: 1.87 lbs
    Tech Specs Warranty: 3-Year Warranty

    Tech Specs Minimum System Requirements:
    Tech Specs PC with:
    Tech Specs 1GHz Processor
    Tech Specs 512MB RAM
    Tech Specs 200MB of Available Hard Disk Space
    Tech Specs Windows® 77, Windows Vista®7 or Windows® XP SP27
    Tech Specs CD-ROM Drive to View Product Documentation and Install Software
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