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This Horse Lover's double feature contains the story of a headstrong and determined teenager trying to find her way in life, plus the tale of two rough denizens living in the Australian outback. Includes the films FLICKA and THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER!

FLICKA: Sixteen year old Katy McLaughlin (Alison Lohman) is a headstrong and determined teenager trying to find her way in life. Katy forms a bond with a wild horse she names FLICKA. Despite pleas from her father (Tim McGraw) not to ride FLICKA, Katy sets out to follow her own path not only with the horse, but with her future to show that she is capable taming FLICKA and one day taking over the family ranch.

THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER: Kirk Douglas delivers outstanding performances in the duel role of a cattle baron and crusty old miner in this legendary western adventure set in the great Australian outback. After making one fortune raising cattle, an ambitious rancher sets his sights on the hills of the awesome Snowy River country. Buried somewhere in that pristine wilderness, protected by treacherous terrain and bands of wild, stampeding horses, is another fortune--of unmined gold! Before the rancher can stake his claim, a young cowboy turns the rancher's world upside down, by stealing his daughter's heart and uncovering a secret in those hills more precious than any treasure.


Studio Foxvideo
SKU 204323411
UPC 024543448297
UPC 14 00024543448297
Format DVD
Release Date 3/20/2007
Aspect Ratio
Widescreen  1.85:1
Cast & Crew
Alison Lohman - [Flicka] Actor
George Miller - [Man] Director
Howard McLaughlin - [Flicka] Actor
Jack Thompson - [Man] Actor
Kirk Douglas - [Man] Actor
Maria Bello - [Flicka] Actor
Michael Mayer - [Flicka] Director
Sigrid Thornton - [Man] Actor
Tim McGraw - [Flicka] Actor
Tom Burlinson - [Man] Actor
Nominee (1983) Golden Globe, The Man from Snowy River, [Man] Best Foreign Film
ReviewSource Reel.com
Review [Flicka] A remake of the sentimental 1943 family favorite, My Friend Flicka, there's not enough meat on this old nag's bones to hold the attention of most adults. But this well-meaning fable was not made for grown-ups; it was made for those kids, should they still exist, that adore their four-legged equine friends...Twenty-seven-year-old Alison Lohman, last spotted sleeping with Kevin Bacon in Atom Egoyan's randy Where the Truth Lies, finds a much better fit in Flicka, playing 16-year-old Katy McLaughlin...Again, what Flicka comes down to is kids and animals. Children entranced by ponies and petting zoos will probably adore Katy and her filly, but those more taken with their X-Box games may wonder about this thing called grass and these beings called horses - and nag Mom for quarters to play video games.
Reviewer Pam Grady
ReviewRating 7
ReviewSource Chicago Sun-Times
Review [Man] It's corny in places, and kind of dumb, and its subplot about the romance between the boy and the girl seems plundered from some long-shelved Roddy McDowell script. But The Man from Snowy River has good qualities, too, including some great aerial photography of thundering herds of horses, and the invigorating grandeur of the Australian landscape...I also quickly tired of Douglas' grizzled old miner. Douglas is a great screen personality and often an effective actor, but he has a tendency to overact, and you're asking for trouble if you give him a beard, a pickax, a whiskey bottle and a wooden leg. The whole rivalry between the brothers is a set-up anyway, meaningless to the plot. Why not make the story more realistic, deal with the characters as people, and stop trying to get cute?
Reviewer Roger Ebert
ReviewRating 7
ReviewSource Variety
Review [Flicka] Updated and overhauled from its 65-year-old source novel to speak to the contemporary American West, "Flicka" is a wonderful film in search of an appropriately sized audience. To call this the best horse-and-kid picture since "The Black Stallion" a quarter century ago is true but misleading; it's not really either an animal or a kids' film but rather a young adult drama that rings emotionally true, with nary a manufactured note struck..."Flicka" could so easily have gone wrong, in one direction, by being cutesy and manipulative, or in another by indulging in rote dysfunctional family posturing. Mayer steers clear of these shoals thanks to good dramatic instincts and perfectly chosen actors.
Reviewer Todd McCarthy
ReviewRating 9
DVD, Sensormatic
Product Attributes
Video Format DVD
Barrie Maxwell, DVD Verdict [Man] ...good acting, outstanding cinematography, interesting story, plenty of action, brisk pacing...
Janet Branagan, Apollo Movie Guide [Man] ...a sweeping epic of love, life and horses...
M.E. Russell, Portland Oregonian [Flicka] It's hard to argue with the movie's big heart, solid craftsmanship, likable characters...
Stephen Hunter, Washington Post [Flicka] ...a well-made family drama...honest, tough and surprisingly engaging.
William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer [Flicka] ...a girl-and-her-horse movie that isn't trying to be all things for all audiences.
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