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G-Force Rocks

on 5/17/2013

The graphics are very nice & smooth and the game play is really fun. I bought this game for my fiancee because she always liked playing games. You get to run around and whip stuff with your laser whip or shoot stuff with a variety of guns. Hovering around on the jet pack is fun too

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The government will look to a new type of secret agent to help protect the planet this summer an elite force of guinea pigs .


Manufacturer Disney Interactive Distribution
Mfg Part# 07038100
SKU 210980731
UPC 712725005573
UPC 14 00712725005573
Format Xbox 360
ReviewSource Game Informer
Review Surprisingly, G-Force actually uses the traditional action platforming blueprint to produce something fun. The story is about an evil corporation that tries to take over the world by turning everyday appliances into robotic devils. Why does the FBI have a group of super secret guinea pigs prepared to fight off this kind of threat? Who cares? You're fighting a bunch of evil CD players and waffle irons. Go with it. The game stars Darwin, a furry weapons expert who uses his jetpack and mousy paws to scamper through human-sized environments and battle mechanical baddies with a plasma whip. Sections of the game let you play as his pet fly Mooch, who can sneak into areas and unlock doors the little rodent can't. Even the game's stereoscopic 3D setting is a fun novelty. Gamers who enjoyed the movie could do worse than this well-polished platformer.
Reviewer Ben Reeves
ReviewRating 7
ReviewSource ImpulseGamer
Review Although most gamers these days don't expect much from movie based games, however there have been a few which have broken this mould. Wolverine comes to mind but given the market of this game, Disney's G-Force needs to reviewed at its intended audience, the younger gamer and interestingly enough, the title is quite sturdy, boasts decent graphics and gameplay to boot!...Loosely based on the movie, G-Force revolves around a group of special agents, however they are actually cute little gerbils and lead by the charismatic Darwin. The mission for these little hairy vermin is why harmless household appliances have somehow become deadly menacing robots. With mission in hand, it's time for G-Force to investigate as they start their investigating in the home which leads to the Leonard Saber, the person who may be responsible as it is his company that have automated home appliances...The game is basically a 3D arcade game where the player must explore this environment, fight enemies and of course solve a variety of puzzles. As you control Darwin, he can perform all the classical arcade moves as he jumps and explores the environment. Thankfully the puzzles in the game are rather easy to solve, so younger gamers should have no problems at all...The music, voice acting and sound effects of the game are decent as well and there are some really memorable moments in the game which I'm presuming is from the movie that helps keep you interested in the story and gameplay. Needless to say, both graphics, sound and gameplay come together well...In conclusion, G-Force doesn't push the envelope in terms of technological advancement or new gaming innovations, however where it does succeed is through its gameplay. The gameplay, although easy for older gamers would be perfect for the younger generation and rather than just skimp on another movie port, the developers have actually put some forethought into the creation of the game...Definitely recommended for the younger gamer from the decent gameplay and is extremely kid friendly.
Reviewer Tony Smith
ReviewRating 8
ReviewSource IGN.com
Review I'm as surprised as you are: G-Force is actually pretty decent. Don't get me wrong, I know Eurocom can turn a pretty good movie tie-in (I just reviewed the latest Ice Age game), but this is still a game based on a movie about guinea pigs saving the world... or something...See, that's the biggest failing of the G-Force game. I'm reviewing this movie-based game long before the movie comes out. I think these animals work for the government, but I don't know because it's never explained in the game. You're just dropped into the Guinea Pig-sized vest of Darwin and set loose on the Saberling headquarters. See, Leonard Saber has produced a plethora of home and kitchen appliances, and now he's about to activate a program that'll make all the waffle irons and air fresheners link together, come to life and do his evil bidding...Of course, G-Force is designed with young ones in mind, so it's not perfect. At anytime, you can hit the hint button and be told where to go, so the challenge might not be there, and even though the blasting is fun, the levels seem to go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Although there are just five mission environments, these are broken up into a ton of parts, and they all look and feel pretty much the same. Although I thought everything worked well, I found myself getting sick of marching into sterile laboratories and shooting my way through heating ducts...There's no denying that G-Force is a simple game, but that doesn't mean that it can't be fun. Yes, the story will be an enigma if you haven't seen the flick and sometimes levels can seem like they go on and on, but collecting data discs, solving puzzles by flipping between Mooch and Darwin, and blowing up possessed blenders is fun. G-Force isn't a game everyone should be lining up to play, but people looking to have an interactive piece of the movie shouldn't be disappointed.
Reviewer Greg Miller
ReviewRating 8
Action and Combat: It's fast-paced Bruckheimer-style action and combat, all rolled up into highly polished gameplay with a unique sense of scale.
Game in 3-D: Glasses are included to game in true 3-D, creating a special gaming environment.
Intriguing Challenges: Innovative puzzle-solving lets players manipulate enemies to overcome obstacles and solve challenges.
No Longer Produced
Product Attributes
Game Format XBox 360
Game Genre Adventure
Brian Edey, GameFocus.com ...this is a great summer distraction.
Games Master UK ...if this is the future of games, sign us up.
ZTGameDomain ...I found myself coming back to it over and over...
Tony Capri, CheatCodeCentral.com ...some real love injected into this game, and fans of the movie, as well as action-adventure-lovers probably shouldn't miss it.
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