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Great action flick!

on 7/7/2011

This is one of those great action movies where the hero isn't burdened by doubt, ineptitude, or guilt. He knows what he has to do and he does it coolly and ruthlessly! What he does is kill bad guys... Lots and lots of bad guys of all nationalities, races, and creeds who deserve what they get. Very efficient and ecumenical... The action is non-stop and the retribution is very satisfying. There is a lot of violence, but this is not an explicit blood and gore film. Just good old Hollywood movie violence that hits you at the gut level. "Taken" is a nice vicarious vigilante thrill for all the rest of us who must play by the rules. Liam Neeson does an excellent job! Highly recommended for action fans... Read More

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Brilliant performance by Liam Neeson

by Abey on 7/8/2011

A fathers search for his daughter after she is kidnapped, leads to whole lot of trouble. This a very intense movie, with a lot of action, and at times a bit scary with all the suspense. This is an action movie that will keep you on the edge. Read More

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Product Overview

Prepare to get Taken for the ride of your life! "Liam Neeson is an unstoppable force" (Premiere) in this action-packed international thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. When his estranged teenage daughter (Maggie Grace) is kidnapped in Paris, a former spy (Neeson) sets out to find her at any cost. Relying on his special skills, he tracks down the ruthless gang that abducted her and launches a one-man war to bring them to justice and rescue his daughter.


Studio Foxvideo
SKU 210991269
UPC 024543554691
UPC 14 00024543554691
Format Blu-Ray DVD
Release Date 2/9/2010
Rating NR
Paris, France
Theatrical Release
Editors Note
Note Liam Neeson is an unstoppable force in this adrenaline-fueled thriller from director Pierre Morel. Bryan (Neeson) has taken early retirement from the CIA in order to live closer to his teenage daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace). Bryan's government work kept him away from Kim for much of her childhood, and he's now trying to make up for lost time. When Kim announces that she's taking a trip to Paris with her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy), Bryan is apprehensive about her traveling on her own. His worst fear is soon realized, as Kim and Amanda are abducted upon their arrival in France. Bryan immediately springs into action, using his well-honed CIA skills to piece together clues from a single, frantic phone call he received from Kim. He hops a plane to Paris, determined to rescue his daughter before she falls off the grid completely. With some help from his old CIA buddies, he tracks down the kidnappers--an Albanian crime ring known for selling young girls into the sex trade. He quickly takes matters into his own hands, plowing his way through Paris's underworld as the clock ticks down and the bullets fly. His search propels him into the upper echelons of a massive crime ring, putting him closer and closer to his beloved daughter.^Neeson is known for tackling extremely cerebral roles, so it is interesting to see him in full-on action-hero mode. In TAKEN he is no less than a crime-fighting machine--a Bourne/Bond hybrid with a deathly serious baritone. And while he spends most of the film firing Uzis and snapping necks, he still manages to deliver a moving performance as an estranged father fighting for what he loves most in the world. The film undeniably owes a lot to Neeson's acting chops. He manages to raise this rather thinly plotted, deeply violent film a bar above your typical action fare.
Sight and Sound "Morel directs much like his mentor Besson -- that's to say, very slickly, with an emphasis on glossy action sequences." 11/01/2008 p.74
Box Office "TAKEN is very much its own film, bolstered by director Morel's explosive, adrenaline-driven approach to staging action and a cleverly-constructed script..." 01/28/2009
Los Angeles Times "Neeson throws himself into this role, appearing in nearly every scene and making good use of a purposeful scowl that combines fury and disgust in equal measure." 01/30/2009
Washington Post "A satisfying thriller as grimly professional as its efficient hero, TAKEN pairs the ruthless hand-to-hand combat of the Bourne series with the potent child-in-peril plotline of a Lifetime original movie." 01/30/2009
Total Film 3 stars out of 5 -- "[T]his is an absolute hoot whose visceral, no-holds-barred fight and torture scenes...are brutal enough to make even Jack Bauer flinch." 02/20/2009
Empire 3 stars out of 5 -- "Ex-cinematographer Pierre Morel brings much of the punishing brutality he injected into DISTRICT 13..." 03/01/2009
Entertainment Weekly "One of the biggest -- and most surprising -- hits of the year, TAKEN gooses a tired premise and turns it into a tense exercise..." -- Grade: A- 05/15/2009
Pierre Morel
Liam Neeson
Famke Janssen
Maggie Grace
Cast & Crew
Leland Orser - Star
Liam Neeson - Star
David Warshofsky - Star
Jon Gries - Star
Nathan Rippy - Star
Famke Janssen - Star
Xander Berkeley - Star
Maggie Grace - Star
Holly Valance - Star
Katie Cassidy - Star
Michel Abramowicz - Director of Photography
Luc Besson - Producer
Luc Besson - Screenwriter
Nathaniel Mechaly - Composer
Robert Mark Kamen - Screenwriter
Pierre Morel - Director
Technical Info
Original Release Date 2009
Catalog ID 2255469
UPC 00024543554691
Number of Discs 1
Running Time 90 minutes
Color Color
Aspect Ratio
Widescreen  2.40:1
ReviewSource ReelViews
Review If there are any 24 fans who have wondered what the TV series might be like if Liam Neeson replaced Kiefer Sutherland, Taken provides an opportunity to have that question answered. Neeson's Bryan Mills uses nearly all the Jack Bauer tactics, including torture, bone-crunching, and bloodletting. He gets involved in car chases, shootouts, and brings a gun to a knife fight. Like the Energizer Bunny, he takes a licking but keeps on ticking. When it comes to action, Taken gets the job done. The film is never boring. It is, however, completely preposterous...It's a little surprising that this movie, with its frank and graphic depictions of torture and unflinching images of death, missed an R. It boggles the mind that the MPAA somehow deemed this appropriate for teenagers but found Slumdog Millionaire too harsh. I feel reasonably sure that five or ten years ago, this cut of Taken would have been rated R...For Liam Neeson, this is one of those "paycheck" roles. He's not required to do much more than look grim and participate in some carefully choreographed action sequences. Maggie Grace, still best known for her doomed role in Lost, has the thankless task of playing the victim. There's no single villain, so a bunch of unknowns play various nefarious individuals who bear some degree of responsibility for what has happened to Kim. Unlike in many action films of this sort, however, there's no individual at the top of the totem pole, so Bryan's goal is to eliminate everyone with any degree of involvement. There's no Payback scenario...Taken has the kind of story that, if fleshed out properly in a novel, might be a page-turner. The perfunctory, contrived manner in which director Pierre Morel handles the material, however, ensures that the movie is never given the opportunity to rise above the level of a cheap potboiler...The well-crafted trailer promises more atmosphere and intelligence than the movie delivers.
Reviewer James Berardinelli
ReviewRating 7
ReviewSource Chicago Sun-Times
Review If CIA agents in general were as skilled as Bryan Mills in particular, Osama bin Laden would have been an American prisoner since late September 2001. "Taken" shows Mills as a one-man rescue squad, a master of every skill, a laser-eyed, sharpshooting, pursuit-driving, pocket-picking, impersonating, knife-fighting, torturing, karate-fighting killing machine who can cleverly turn over a petrol tank with one pass in his car and strategically ignite it with another...It's always a puzzle to review a movie like this. On the one hand, it's preposterous. But who expects a "Bourne"-type city-wrecking operative to be plausible? On the other hand, it's very well-made. Liam Neeson brings the character a hard-edged, mercilessly focused anger, and director Pierre Morel hurtles through action sequences at a breathless velocity..."Taken" reopens a question I've had. A lot of movies involve secret clubs or covens of rich white men who meet for the purposes of despoiling innocent women in despicable perversity. The men are usually dressed in elegant formalwear, smoke cigars and have champagne poured for them by discreet servants. Do such clubs actually exist? Since every member would be blackmailable, how could they survive? If you lost everything in a Ponzi scheme, would you betray your lodge members? Just wondering...The movie proves two things. (1) Liam Neeson can bring undeserved credibility to most roles just by playing them, and (2) Luc Besson, the co-writer, whose actioner-assembly line produced this film, turns out high-quality trash, and sometimes much better ("The Fifth Element," "Taxi," "The Transporter," "La Femme Nikita," even "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada"). The bottom line is, if you can't wait for the next "Bourne" thriller, well, you don't have to. I can easily wait, but Truth in Reviewing compels me to confess that if the movie I was describing in the first paragraph sounded as if you'd like this, you probably will.
Reviewer Roger Ebert
ReviewRating 7
Unrated, English, French, Spanish, Subtitled, Dubbed
Product Attributes
Actor Neeson,Liam
Label Fox Home Entertainment
Music Format Blu-ray DVD
Video Format Blu-Ray
Dan Kois, The Washington Post A satisfying thriller as grimly professional as its efficient hero.
Josh Rosenblatt, Austin Chronicle ...moves so fast and with such single-minded, vindictive energy, there's no time for moral ambivalence.
Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle I won't tell you Taken is great, but it's great fun.
Patrick Parker, Premiere ...after Neeson starts his hunt and does his best wrath-of-God impression, it doesn't skip a beat.
Stephanie Zacharek, Salon.com ...[the action] is crisp and fast, with a minimum of computer enhancement...

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