The Case Against Barack Obama : The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate (Hardcover)

Author: Freddoso, David

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book for undecides

by on 10/9/2008

This was a very informative book you will learn facts about Barack Obama that the news media coverup. I would recommend this book highly for people in search of the truth,if your not afraid to face the truth.

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ou Don't Know Barack Obama Until You Read This Book

Has any major candidate for president of the United States ever received less critical examination than Barack Obama? Who is this man, who was only elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004? How did someone with his meager record of accomplishment become the Democratic nominee for president? How did someone with the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate and long-standing relationships with a former terrorist, a racist minister, and the corrupt operators of Chicago Machine politics end up as a supposed beacon of a newer, cleaner, bipartisan politics? Investigative reporter David Freddoso has the answers. Doing the legwork that the mainstream media has neglected, applying a critical eye while the media swoons before the Obama-messiah, and posing the hard questions that Obama needs to answer, Freddoso reveals a politician as calculating as any other, a far-left Democrat who goes beyond "abortion rights" to supporting de facto infanticide, whose "new politics" amount to Chicago-style hardball overlain with lofty rhetoric, and who, from his positions of power, has helped his patrons. In The Case Against Barack Obama, you'll learn:

  • * How Barack Obama opposed a bill banning infanticide-by-neglect-a stance too extreme even for Nancy Pelosi. (Freddoso has an exclusive interview with the nurse central to the case.)
  • * How Obama's friendship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was no accident, but a carefully thought-out personal and political decision
  • * Why Obama thought his association with the Reverend Wright and the terrorist Bill Ayers wouldn't matter-an exposé of the insular radical chic of Chicago's Hyde Parkpolitics
  • * What Obama really did for convicted developer Tony Rezko
  • * Debunking the myth of Obama's "new" politics: the forgotten tale of how Obama won his first election by throwing all of his competitors off the ballot
  • * A story Obama would like to stay buried in Chicago: how he used his clout as a U.S. senator to save the corrupt Cook County Political Machine when reformers of both parties tried to challenge the entrenched political bosses
  • * How Obama has repeatedly steered taxpayer money to campaign donors

Sober, fair, and thoroughly researched-and all the more powerful and provocative because of it-The Case Against Barack Obama removes the halo from a man less qualified, and more radical, than the mainstream media has let you know.


Publisher Perseus Distribution Services
Mfg Part# 9781596985667
SKU 208187634
Format Hardcover
ISBN10 1596985666
Release Date 8/4/2008
Dimensions (in Inches) 9.5H x 6.5L x 1.25T
From the Publisher
Editors Note You Don't Know the Truth About Barack Obama Until You Read This Book.|Has any major presidential candidate received less critical examination than Barack Obama? People blindly flock to him, the press fawns over him, but nobody questions his promises, plans, or past--until now.||In THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA: THE UNLIKELY RISE AND UNEXAMINED AGENDA OF THE MEDIA'S FAVORITE CANDIDATE, investigative reporter David Freddoso removes the gilt from the golden candidate, exposing Obama for who he really is: the #1 most liberal U.S. senator whose policies and inexperience could put our country in serious jeopardy.||Like any convincing argument, Freddoso supports THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA with sound evidence and facts. Delving into Obama's legislative record, interviewing his colleagues, and analyzing Obama's books and speeches, Freddoso does the research that the media has neglected. His conclusion? Obama the Orator is very different from Obama the Legislator. From his history of supporting corrupt Chicago politics to his extreme liberal voting record, THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA proves that Obama is not the politician of "change", but the politician of status quo.||In this shocking exposé, Freddoso builds his case by revealing what the nightly news hasn't told you, including:|--Obama's extensive connections to corrupt Chicago politics--while he claims to be a reformer|--Obama's plans to increase taxes--amid rising fuel and food prices, he just voted to raise taxes for anyone making more than $32,000|--Obama's dangerous mix of inexperience and poor judgment--evident in his shifting policy positions and the Rev. Wright scandal|--Obama's radical voting record--he repeatedly voted against legislation to protect babies born alive during failed abortions||No doubt there will be other books about Barack Obama, but THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA is the first comprehensive and critical look at the man who would be president. Freddoso builds a rock-solid case against Obama's "bipartisan reformer" façade, going where most journalists--and books--refuse to tread.
Annotation Written during the 2008 presidential campaign, David Freddoso's THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA begins with the premise that the senator from Illinois is a curiously unknown entity to the American voter. Freddoso presents a mountain of material which he says exposes the real Barack Obama, beginning with the charge that there is a clear discrepancy with what Obama says and how he votes. Freddoso delves deeply into Obama's past, finding what he says are disturbing political connections in his Chicago years, as well as in his relationship with the controversial Rev. Wright. In Freddoso's view, the most disturbing charge of all is in his exposure of Barack Obama's liberal voting record.
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