VITEK VK400 Vietnamese Karaoke Dau 5 so + FREE 4GB

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FREE 4GB MEMORY CARD.~~ Professional Karaoke Player with over 34,000 of the latest songs. Contains 4200 Vietnamese, 6000 Korean, 5800 Japanese, 7000 English, 7800 Chinese, 2500 Khmer and 800 Thailand songs. You can easily record your own singing into MP3 format, instantly saves onto a USB thumb drive or SD memory card. This unit also plays the following format; CD/SVCD/HDCD/MP3/MP4/VCD/DVD/JPEG/WMA-USB/SD CARD Free 4GB memory will either be 4GB SD, or 4GB Flash Drive. .~~~Model m?i nh?t, chuy?n nghi?p nh?t c?a d?ng s?n ph?m VK t?ch h?p nh?ng nh?ng ch?c n?ng ?u vi?t nh?t c?a c?c ??u karaoke hi?n nay. ?m thanh tuy?t h?o cho b?n c?m gi?c nh? ?ang bi?u di?n tr?n s?n kh?u. T?ch h?p v?i c?ng USB v? SD card mang ??n cho b?n nhi?u ti?n ?ch b?t ng? ? Karaoke Vitek-VTB, H?y l? ng?i sao c?a gia ??nh b?n! ~Ch?m ?i?m chuy?n nghi?p ~Ch?c n?ng thu v? ph?t: c? th? thu ?m v?o ? nh? USB ho?c SD card v? ph?t l?i tr?c ti?p tr?n m?y ho?c c? th? ch?p ra th?nh ??a CD m?t c?ch d? d?ng v? ti?n l?i v?i ch?t l??ng gi?ng h?t r?t ho?n h?o.~ Ch?c n?ng h?nh theo nh?c: h?nh ?nh ???c minh h?a ph? h?p v?i l?i b?i h?t, v? d?: nh?c ch? t?nh v?i h?nh ?nh t?nh y?u ??i l?a, nh?c c?ch m?ng v?i h?nh ?nh v? ng??i l?nh, h?nh qu?n?~ S? d?ng d? d?ng: ??t tr??c ???c 128 b?i h?t, c? th? ch?n b?i h?t b?ng lit nh?c ho?c ch?n tr?c ti?p t? remote.~ T?ch h?p c?ng USB v? SD card. ??c ???c t?t c? c?c ??nh d?ng chu?n: CD/SVCD/HDCD/MP3/MP4/VCD/DVD/JPEG/WMA - USB/SDcard~~1/.


Manufacturer Vitek
Mfg Part# VK400
SKU 211466959
- ??c ???c c?c ??nh d?ng: MIDI KARAOKE/ DVD/ S.VCD / VCD/ MP3 / MP4/ WMA/ AUDIO/CD/ CD-R/CD-RW / DVD?R / DVD?RW va? JPEG
- ?a ng?n ng?
- C? th? l?u l?i 256 b?i h?t ?a th?ch
- C? th? truy xu?t d?u li?u theo c?ng USB, SD card
- C?ng su?t ti?u th? l?n nh?t: 18W
- Ch?n tr??c 128 b?i h?t v?o danh s?ch ch?
- Ch?nh EQ
- Dolby 5.1 CH Output ( Digital, Analog)
- K?ch th??c m?y : 430(W)x 250(D) x 70 (H) mm
- Kh?i l??ng: 2.5Kg
- Lo?i b? ph?n INTRO
- Ng? ra ?m thanh k? thu?t s?: OPTICAL/COAXIAL
- Ngu?n cung c?p: 100
- Ph?t l?i b?i ?ang h?t
- Progressive Scan
- S-video, component video Output
- T?t/m? h?nh n?n
- T?y ch?n nhanh nh?ng b?i h?t c?a vol m?i nh?t
- Thu ph?t l?i b?i h?t karaoke v?o USB, SD card
2/. DVD :
240 VAC, 50/60Hz
3/. C?C CH?C N?NG KH?C:
4/. TI?U CHU?N:
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