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Product Information
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The year is 2171 A.D. Humanity has reached for the stars once more. Keen to seize a controlling stake in this as yet unconquered region, the global superpowers have raced to build orbital elevators, swiftly turning the emptiness of space into a tangle of surveillance satellite networks and military way stations on PC. On these ever-shifting front lines, armoured humanoid battle vehicles code named "wanzers" (from "walking panzer") have proven to be the unrivalled kings.

Product Type   Software
Distribution Media/Method   DVD-ROM
Manufacturer Part Number   90911
Manufacturer   Square Enix Corporation Ltd
Product Name   Front Mission Evolved
Brand Name   Square Enix
Platform Supported   PC
Software Name   Front Mission Evolved
Software Sub Type   Action/Adventure Game
Software Main Type   Game
Operating System Supported   Windows
ESRB Rating   T (Teen 13+)
Multiplayer Supported   Yes
Release Date   2010-09-28


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