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View Details for: Miele S4212 Polaris Galaxy Canister Vacuum Cleaner w/ SBD450-3 Rug and Floor Tool
The Miele Polaris S4212 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is made to handle bare floors and throw rugs . Allergy and asthma sufferers love this lightweight and easy to use vacuum cleaner with Super Air Clean Filtration. Careful attention is paid to every detail of the Miele vacuum cleaner, every curve, angle and line ensures that the only thing rivaling the vacuum cleaners beauty is its functionality. The combination of the Miele Hyclean Dust Bag, Super Air Clean Filter and Sealed System Construction (SSC) ensures that only super clean air is coming out of the machine and nothing else. Electronic suction dial is located at the back of the machine, Settings include drapes, furniture, throw-rugs, quiet setting, Large area rugs and wall to wall carpet/bare floors. Controls range from 200 Watts to 1200 Watts. The Miele Polaris has an automatic cord return, just press the cord rewind button.. The cordwinder is powerful and precise and has gone through extensive robotic testing to make sure it lasts. The Rug and Floor tool is ideal for all smooth flooring and very low pile carpeting. It allows you to go from smooth floors to carpeted surfaces with a quick click of the rocker switch. The metal glide sole is gentle to even the most sensitive flooring. Carpets and rugs can be gently and thoroughly vacuumed. Telescoping Stainless Steel Wands adjusts to the perfect size no matter who uses the Miele vacuum cleaner! The wands are made of stainless steel, for years of use. The Miele Polaris's hose is crush-proof and will not bend or warp if you step on your hose accidentally or drop something heavy on it. The Miele Polaris has the ability to safely negotiate obstacles is guaranteed by the three point steering. The Miele Polaris vacuum comes complete with a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and a dusting brush. The VarioClip makes sure tools are always on hand, whenever you need them!

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