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Product Information
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Product Description

SRW18US ApplicationAre you running out of floor space for your equipment? Do you need to accommodate rackmount equipment at a remote location or branch office? Tripp Lite has the solution. Our SRW18US SmartRack™ Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet is the ideal storage solution for standard rackmount equipment in any environment where floor space is limited. With its sturdy wall-mount bracket and heavy-duty steel frame, it can accommodate up to 250 lbs. of equipment in 18U of rack space—off the floor! To give you quick, convenient access to rackmounted equipment, the cabinet is hinged to swing away from the wall-mount bracket. For additional versatility, an optional Rolling Caster Kit (Model SRCASTER) is available to convert the enclosure to a rollaway floor unit. The SRW18US is packed with premium features designed to simplify rack equipment installations: top and bottom cable routing ports, perforated door and side panels to promote efficient airflow, adjustable vertical mounting rails and more. The SRW18US ships fully assembled for quick installation and comes with a 5-year warranty.
Tripp Lite's SRW18US SmartRack™ Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet:
Ideal storage for rackmount equipment in environments with limited floor space
18U of rack space; 250-lb. load capacity
Hinged to swing away from wall bracket for easy equipment access
Locking, reversible front door and locking, removable side panels
Ships fully assembled
PCI compliant
5-year warranty

SRW18US Feature Focus
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Convenient Equipment Storage and Access in Minimal Space
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Versatile, Space-Saving Rackmount Solution
The SRW18US features a sturdy bracket and heavy-duty steel frame that allows the enclosure to be wall mounted—an ideal rackmount solution for any venue where floor space is limited. The SRW18US can also be configured as a freestanding, rollaway floor unit with Tripp Lite's optional Rolling Caster Kit (Model SRCASTER).

Simple Equipment Installation
The SRW18US is compatible with all standard 19-inch rack equipment and is designed to simplify equipment installation. It features front and rear pairs of vertical mounting rails that are adjustable in quarter-inch increments to accommodate equipment depths from 3 to 20.5 inches. Adjustment is quick and convenient—simply unscrew the rails, slide them to the desired depth and restore the screws. The rails feature square mounting holes and are capable of supporting up to 250 lbs. of equipment with included installation hardware. Each rack space within the enclosure is numbered for easy reference.

Convenient Equipment Storage and Access in Minimal Space
The SRW18US's sturdy wall bracket enables the enclosure to be mounted off the floor, saving valuable space. The bracket features a sturdy hinge that allows the enclosure to swing away from the wall for convenient access to equipment and cabling. The swing direction can be reversed by rotating the enclosure 180 degrees before installation. The wall bracket locks to secure equipment in general-access areas. The lockable front door and lockable, removable side panels ensure security, ease of installation and convenient service access to installed equipment. Both door and side panels are perforated to promote efficient airflow.

Vented Top and Bottom Panels with Cable Cutouts
The top and bottom panels of the SRW18US are furnished with vents designed to help remove warm air from the enclosure and draw in cool air by convection. They also support installation of standard user-supplied case fans. The top and bottom panels are also provided with ports for cable routing through the movable portion of the enclosure or the fixed wall bracket. Removable covers block unused cable ports.

PCI Compliance
The SRW18US is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). Locking front door and side panels prevent unauthorized access, and sturdy steel panels surround all sides of equipment, ensuring the physical security of equipment that processes, stores and transmits credit card data.

Peace of Mind
The SRW18US comes with a 5-year product warranty and a rapid-response repair/replacement policy that's unmatched in the industry.



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