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Product Description

Tripp Lite's B020-016-17 NetDirector™ 16-Port Rackmount Console KVM Switch is the smart solution for controlling multiple servers in IT applications. It combines a keyboard, touchpad, 17-in. color LCD and 16-port KVM switch in a 1U rack drawer for compact storage and easy access without compromising control over connected servers. The heavy-duty enclosure, high-quality LCD, premium connectors and uncomplicated controls ensure trouble-free operation in demanding high-availability environments. The B020-016-17 can control sixteen servers/computers directly, or up to 512 by daisy-chaining additional KVM switches. It is compatible with both PS/2 and USB computers using Tripp Lite P774-series (PS/2) and P776-series (USB) KVM cable kits, and accepts connection of an IP remote access unit for access to servers/computers via LAN, WAN or Internet.


Technical Details

B020-016-17 Feature Focus
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  • Control an entire network with one keyboard, mouse and monitor from 1U of rack space (Learn more)
  • Includes 16-port KVM switch, keyboard, touch pad, numeric keypad and 17-in. LCD (Learn more)
  • Compatible with PS/2 and USB computers/servers and all major operating systems (except Mac and Sun); Video resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024, DDC2B (Learn more)
  • Control up to 512 servers by daisy-chaining additional KVMs (Learn more)
  • IP Remote Access Capability (Learn more)
  • Multiple levels of security (Learn more)
  • 1-year warranty (Learn more)

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All-in-One Network Management for Critical Systems
The B020-016-17 offers a complete network management solution. It combines an 16-port KVM switch, keyboard, touch pad, numeric keypad, and 17-in. LCD in a compact housing that stores neatly in a 1U rack drawer and pulls out when needed. No server-resident software is required, so server performance and reliability are never compromised. Hot pluggable functionality enables servers or computers to be added or removed with no need to power down the KVM switch or disrupt the entire system. Upgradable firmware fine-tunes compatibility with emerging standards.

B020-016-17 Application
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Netbook Wattage Switch

Simple, Flexible Network Control
The B020-016-17 is designed to ease multi-server management in data centers, server rooms and other high-density environments. BIOS-level access allows network administrators to solve complex problems efficiently and restore service before downtime affects productivity. An advanced on screen display (OSD) with high-resolution VGA video up to 1280 x 1024 provides a graphical user interface with management tools including custom port labeling, auto-scanning and panel array mode. Users may also select a connected computer using on-console pushbuttons or keyboard hotkey commands. Two LEDs per KVM port indicate (1) when a computer is connected to a KVM port and powered on, and (2) when a computer is selected.

Supports Multiple Platforms
The B020-016-17 supports both PS/2 and USB connections (Tripp Lite P774-Series PS/2 and P776-series USB KVM cable kits required; two 6-ft. PS/2 cable kits included; USB cable kits available separately). Because compatibility is based on common hardware standards rather than system software dependencies, almost any platform can be accommodated. Connect multiple versions of multiple platforms in any combination, including Windows®, UNIX®, Linux and more.

Supports Multiple Platforms
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Combines an 16 port KVM switch, keyboard , 17 LCD monitor and touchpad in a single unit rack-mount drawer
Control up to 512 computers (combination of PS/2, Sun, and USB) from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor
'Super Flex' 3-in-1 cables make cable management a breeze
Multi-level password security ensures only authorized access to the connected computers
Port names are automatically reconfigured when station sequence is changed
Ensures easy maintenance by means to detach the console from the switch chassis


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