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Product Description

PS3612 ApplicationNever search for an open outlet again! With Tripp Lite's PS3612 power strip, you'll have outlets where you need them, when you need them. The PS3612 provides 12 standard NEMA 5-15 outlets in a rugged, all-metal housing guaranteed to last for life. The included hardware allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting, making the PS3612 ideal for a variety of uses including office, rackmount, workbench, industrial and telecom applications. A lighted and covered On/Off switch helps prevent accidental shut-offs, while a 15-amp circuit breaker guards against dangerous circuit overloads. Additionally, every Tripp Lite power strip comes with a Lifetime Warranty for guaranteed peace of mind.
PS3612 Power Strip:
  • Ideal for applications needing multiple convenient outlets powering a variety of electronics
  • 36-in. length with 12 standard NEMA 5-15R outlets
  • Lighted, covered On/Off switch and 15-amp circuit breaker
  • Sturdy construction and heavy-duty, all-metal housing
  • Lifetime Warranty
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PS3612 Feature Focus
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The Versatile Solution for Commercial Applications
With vertical or horizontal installation, a rugged housing and plenty of outlets, Tripp Lite's PS3612 is ideal for point-of-sale and retail display applications. It provides reliable, consistent power service for multiple devices. Tripp Lite's power outlet strips can also be used in home office, workbench and rack enclosure applications. The included mounting hardware allows the PS3612 to be installed wherever reliable, multi-outlet power distribution is required.

12 Convenient Outlets Power All Standard Electronics
Featuring 12 outlets compatible with all standard electrical equipment, the PS3612 is an ideal solution for applications or locations that require power to many devices simultaneously. The 36-in. housing spaces the outlets 2.638 inches apart from center to center, allowing enough room for most AC adapters and transformers.

Power Previously Un-Powered Areas with Extra Long Cord
Install the PS3612 far away from its power source and provide power distribution to previously un-powered areas with the extra long, 15-ft. power cord. The PS3612 can be mounted in a different area, or a completely different room from where it draws AC power, putting you in control of getting reliable power service where you need it most.

Premium Safety Features
The lighted On/Off switch features a translucent cover that eliminates accidental shut offs while still allowing you to see whether the PS3612 is operational with a glance. A built-in, 15-amp circuit breaker prevents dangerous circuit overloads that could damage equipment. The breaker immediately shuts off AC input to the PS3612 when it detects that the equipment load is drawing too much power.

Reliable, Heavy-Duty Housing
The PS3612's rugged, all-metal housing is durably constructed making it a great solution for industrial, rackmount, retail display and workbench applications.

Lifetime Warranty
Get peace of mind with Tripp Lite's Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects your product against any technical defects or malfunctions for as long as you use it.


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