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Product Information

Product Description

With its wall-mounting bracket and steel frame, Tripp Lite's SRW9U SmartRack™ Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet is the ideal storage solution for rackmount equipment in applications with limited floor space such as wiring closets, POS stations, offices and classrooms. The SRW9U accommodates up to 140 lb of equipment in 9U of rack space, on the wall and out of the way. It features a perforated lockable front door and side panels, assuring generous airflow to keep equipment operating safely. The side panels are removable for easy access to equipment, and the front door is reversible. The top and bottom panels of the enclosure include convenient cable routing ports. The SRW9U ships fully assembled and comes with a 5-year warranty.


Technical Details

SRW9U Feature Focus
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  • Designed to integrate wall-mounting, easy equipment access, and cable management in IT network applications with limited floor space (Learn more)
  • 9U with adjustable front and rear vertical rackmount rails; ships fully assembled for quick installation (Learn more)
  • Locking, reversible front door and locking, removable side panels (Learn more)
  • Modular side panels and vents increase airflow (Learn more)
  • Wide range of accessories available to support any IT requirement (Learn more)
  • 5-year warranty (Learn more)

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Keeps Equipment Secure and Off the Floor
The SRW9U is ideal for IT applications where floor space is limited and security is a consideration. Its locking doors and side panels offer a perfect solution for keeping limited-access devices secure and out of the way in classrooms, back offices and storage closets. Constructed with a sturdy wall-mounting bracket and steel frame, it can accommodate up to 140 lb of equipment in 9U of rack space. Adjustable vertical mounting rails with square holes accommodate all standard 19-inch rack equipment.

SRW9U Application
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Simple Equipment Installation

Simple Equipment Installation
Rail adjustment is quick and convenient—simply unscrew the rails, slide them to the desired depth and restore the screws. Both the front and rear pairs of rails adjust in 1/4-inch increments, with numbered rack spaces for easy reference. Square mounting holes and included hardware support up to 140 lb of standard 19-inch rack equipment. Plus, the SRW9U ships fully assembled, making setup a breeze.

Lockable, Reversible Front Door
The swing direction of the lockable front door can be reversed by rotating the enclosure 180 degrees before installation. The front door locks to provide secure access and is perforated to promote efficient airflow.

Lockable, Reversible Front Door

9U wall-mounted enclosure
Adjustable mounting depths up to 17" inches
Ventilated front door and side panels for increased airflow
Locking, reversible front door
Locking, removable side panels
Fully assembled for quick installation
5 year warranty


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