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Product Information
The Perfect All-In-One Media Hub
  • Automatically upload files to Flickr, YouTube, or file hosting websites
  • Works as iTunes & Squeezebox server to share streaming music
  • Automated downloading independent of PC
  • zPilot organizes files with simple drag-and-drop
  • Built-in hard drive bay turns your spare hard drive into a full-featured media server
  • DLNA 1.5 certification ensures compatibility with a wide range of media devices

    The ZyXEL NSA310 1-Bay Digital Media Server supports high-volume hard disks of up to 3TB, and its UPnP and DLNA 1.5-certified features make it easy to access, share and enjoy music and videos from any compatible media players. You can stream content stored in the NSA310 through DLNA-capable digital media players, mobile phones, PDAs or game consoles throughout your home.

    Multiple server technologies make the NSA310 the perfect all-in-one media hub. Acting as an iTunes server, SqueezeCenter, and personal blog and photo album server for PCs, laptops and SqueezeBoxes, the NSA310 makes it easy to stream and share music and photos.

    Through the NSA310’s intuitive user interface, you can quickly preview files through thumbnails, play photo slideshows directly from your Web browser, and even set those slideshows to music. The NSA310 makes it easy to manage, share, and even present your files to family and friends.

    Total Data Backup Solution
    With the NSA310’s Backup Planner, users can schedule automatic backup from the NSA310 to other NSA or external storage devices. With a few simple steps, a backup schedule can be customized to the user’s individual needs, ensuring your data stays safe. For added simplicity, the “Copy/Sync” button makes it simple to copy to or from external USB storage devices, card readers, and digital cameras.

    Advanced data compression and synchronization functions optimize bandwidth and keep your network running smoothly, so you can keep playing online games, downloading media, or surfing the web without interruption or lag even during backup.

    Powerful Automated Download/Upload Capabilities
    In order to provide the best possible home media experience, the NSA310 boasts powerful file management features designed to ensure your files are always where you want them, when you want them.

  • zPilot --
    zPilot makes sharing files with the NSA310 a simple matter of drag-and-drop. To share files, simply drag them to the zPilot icon on your desktop, and they’ll be automatically identified and delivered to music, photo, and other designated folders on the NSA310.

  • HTTP--
    With link capture support, you can simply click on a hyperlink in your web browser and the download link will be recognized by the NSA310. The NSA310 can then handle the download directly, even without your PC.

  • BitTorrent and eMule--
    The NSA310 supports both BitTorrent and eMule for fast downloading and sharing of large files. High-speed DHT (Distributed Hash Tables) mode and TCP/UDP tracker protocol support allows the NSA310 to download files quickly and without interruption.

  • RSS--
    The NSA310’s built-in RSS client enables it to automatically download the latest digital content. By adding an RSS feed, the NSA310 can download the latest music, TV shows, podcasts, and other media as soon as it becomes available online – without any user input required.

  • FTP Server--
    The NSA310 makes it easy to establish and manage your own FTP server, making your content available to you, your family, or your friends anywhere in the world.

  • Flickr / YouTube--
    The NSA310 streamlines the process of uploading your videos and photos to the web. With just a few easy steps, the NSA can be set to automatically upload all your photos and videos to Flickr or YouTube as soon as they’re stored on the device.

    Data Protection
    The NSA310 is designed with several features to ensure important personal documents, photos, and databases are safe from unauthorized access or loss. IP filter table management protects data from malicious attacks, while HTTPS and FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL) support enables the NSA310 to encrypt and transmit data securely. To safeguard against loss, the NSA310 can interface with other eSATA hard disks to create a RAID1 mirroring environment for enhanced data protection. As a final way to protect against accidental data loss, the NSA310 boasts a networked recycle bin, allowing accidentally deleted data to be restored quickly and easily.

    S.M.A.R.T. Hard Disk Health Monitoring

    Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) provides in-depth information regarding your hard drive’s health, preventing potential physical drive failures. The expansive log system details data access records and connection status for administrators to analyze, and all errors and warning messages can be sent via e-mail alerts for instant attention

    Environmentally Friendly Power Saving Options
  • Smart Fan Technology enables the NSA310 to deliver only as much power to the fan as the unit requires to stay at an optimal operating temperature.
  • The NSA310’s hard drive automatically hibernates when there has been no data transmission for a period of time.
  • State of the art Wake-On-LAN technology allows the NSA 310 to be turned on remotely from anywhere in the world, even when the device is powered off.

    Package Contents
    Media server
    Power adapter
    Ethernet cable
    Quick start guide
    Support CD
    Warranty card


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