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Experience a greater wireless range and faster data transfer rates with the Hi-Gain USB Wireless-150N Window Adapter with Range Amplifier. Made by Hawking Technologies, this wireless network adapter plugs into your laptop or desktop computer's USB port and connects your computer to a wireless network. Surf the Internet, send and receive email messages, stream music, play online games, make Internet phone calls, and more--all at speeds up to three times faster than a standard Wireless-G network, and in a coverage area up to four times larger.


Hi-Gain AMP icon

The Range Amplified Technology reduces unwanted wireless noise, increase wirless sensitivity, and boosts the overall range. Integrated with a 13 dBi Directional antenna, the HAWNU2 wireless adapter provides solid wireless coverage of up to four times the typical range.


Video Features Works with Windows and Mac Operating Systems
Video Features Built-in 13dBi Antenna and Power Amplifier improve your wireless performance up to 6X
Video Features Supports QoS-WMM (prioritize data traffic for audio, video and other time sensitive applications) and WMM-PS (improve power consumption) features
Video Features Plug directly into your computer using an available USB Port

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